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Marcie- I am really to close to my mom. I literally talk to her every day! She comes to visit a lot and will stay a couple weeks at a time. We also try to go visit her as much as we can. She lives about 5 hours away. I have a brother that lives close to my mom, so when we are in town, we visit with them as well. They have 2 daughters, one of which they adopted from China. Unfortunately, my father passed away a couple months before my wedding. I miss him, but we still celebrate him every chance we get! We also teach Brayden about him and share all the amazing memories we have.

Matt- My mother and dad live in the same town as we do and we see them daily. They are very active in all of our lives. They love to travel, either by plane or in their new RV. I have 2 older brothers, Jeff, my oldest brother, lives in San Francisco. My middle brother Craig lives in San Antonio with his wife, Kristen, and their 2 children.

We love to spend the big holidays with family. Each year we try to alternate whose family we are with. For Christmas, Marcie’s mom has a tradition of giving everyone giant stockings and stuffing them full of little gifts. We also have an Elf, Peppermint, that comes to visit the family. On Christmas Eve, we open one present and then leave out our cookies for Santa. Since my birthday is on July 4th, we are intentional about going to see fireworks and having a get-together with friends and family. We also help host a halloween party with our friends. Each year we pick a theme, decorate, have games and prizes, and try to get our costumes to match the theme. It’s a fun time and we hope to continue the tradition as long as the children let us.

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