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Our Pets

We have 2 Shih Tzu’s, Tuffy and Everest. They are inside dogs. We also have a Great Pyrenese, Linus, who is an outside dog. He loves to escape and sometimes we will have to go search for him, but he is never far. There is a cat that we named Socks. Socks was here before we moved in and he decided to stick around! We have many chickens, 3 horses, 1 cow, and 2 longhorns. Our family has many more wild horses, cows, longhorns, llamas, emu, donkey, goat, and bison on their farm. Read more »

Our Families And Traditions

Marcie- I am really to close to my mom. I literally talk to her every day! She comes to visit a lot and will stay a couple weeks at a time. We also try to go visit her as much as we can. She lives about 5 hours away. I have a brother that lives close to my mom, so when we are in town, we visit with them as well. They have 2 Read more »

Our Son

Our son, Brayden, is 10 years old. Brayden loves most ANY kind of sport! He plays basketball, soccer and baseball. His favorite sport would have to be basketball! His favorite sports team are the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Tech, Golden State Warriors, and the Dallas Mavericks. Brayden loves to be outside! We always say he is a Read more »

Why We Are Pursuing Adoption

We have always been open to adoption! It has been on our hearts for awhile now and also a big part of our family dynamic. Marcie’s mom and sister were adopted as infants and Marcie’s niece was adopted from China. After having a difficult pregnancy with Brayden, and dealing with some health issues, pregnancy is now Read more »

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