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The story of how we met kind of dates us.....we met on the internet before dating apps were a "thing". Think of AOL chat and the internet, which no one even probably remembers these days. At first, I would not give him the time of day, but he was persistent. We ended up meeting at the movies with friends and since then, we have never been apart. We dated during college and I will never forget when Matt proposed to me... it was on his birthday at his favorite restaurant. He was so nervous! We were married after we both graduated college. A couple years after getting married, we had our son, Brayden.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in the country on almost 20 acres of land. We have a lot of different kinds of animals. Everyone around us lives on acreage, so our neighbors aren't as close as most people would have as neighbors. Our family also owns a 3,000 acre ranch that we raise many different animals on. We live in a small town with a small school district. Our school district is one of the best around. So much so that people try to transfer in.


adoptive family photo - Marcie Marcie is my best friend! She is very determined to reach her goals and is giving of her time. She is always willing to help out whoever needs help without blinking an eye! I could not imagine going through this life without her right by my side. Marcie is also very involved in Brayden's sports. She is his biggest FANATIC during his games. Marcie likes to watch Hallmark Christmas movies, no matter what time of the year it is. They are pretty cheesy if you ask me . She is very dedicated in lending a helping hand to her friends with whatever they need! One of my favorite things about Marcie, is watching her be a mother to Brayden! She is gentle and loving towards him as she guides him through life, but also offers stability and guidance!

My favorite music artist: Justin Timberlake

Favorite place to be: on the beach relaxing!

Something silly: I talk for the dogs using different voices (we treat our dogs like humans).


adoptive family photo - Matt Where do I even begin? Matt is such an incredible father and husband. He has always been there when I needed him, even early on in our relationship when I was going through a lot. He is able to help me see the good and positive in everything, because I can sometimes be a pessimist. Matt dedicates his time to help coach our sons sports teams. Even if that means just taking him to practice. He is very involved at home with helping around the house. He pitches in without a fuss and will usually make us giggle as we do the chores! He loves to be outside doing yard work, feeding the animals, playing with Brayden, or working on our land with his machines. Matt also likes to travel, go out for Mexican food (I mean who doesn't?), and seeks to experience new things.

Favorite music artists: George Strait and Zac Brown Band.

Favorite movie: Radio

Something silly about me: I can always laugh at myself and make jokes at my own expense.

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