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The story of our horses

We have 5 horses and they live in our back yard. That was not always the plan. They lived on a nice farm down the road until it suddenly closed during the first year of COVID. Now, with little notice and the world in a state of crazy, we could not find a suitable place for them to live. So, we decided to bring them home. It was a major adjustment and the work load is intense, but it has become an integral part of our life.
Being around horses is a special thing. They bring a lot of light and happiness to our lives. We work as a family to take care of them and we all have our own tasks that we like doing. We don’t ask a lot of our horses, they get to live peacefully and generally quiet lives.
Even though it was never the plan to have the horses at our house, we can’t imagine them not being here. Life is like that and we just roll with it.

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