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True to Ourselves

On this site and all the others, Roberto and I are open and honest about who we are. In pictures you will see me in ragged clothing because the farm destroys it all, and that is what I have to wear while working. You will see Roberto with different styles of facial hair because he has a lot of fun changing it up. You will see us make funny faces at the camera because, why not, its fun. We don’t polish our pictures, we don’t stage our pictures, nor do we take pictures that don’t reflect us and who we are. We want to be chosen Read more »

Blueberry Picking

Sharing the outdoors with our children is super exciting, and yesterday Roberto and I went Blueberry picking at our favorite fruit farm. The large fields of blueberry bushes were full of families and children, but the bushes are high and the fields very large, so we could only hear all their voices. It made me think about the day when we are Read more »

New Patio Furniture

It’s summer and it can be really nice outside. Not all days in NY are nice, the humidity will make all your clothes stick right to your body and you feel as if your swimming through the air it is so wet. But the mornings, evenings, and a couple days a week, it is wonderful to be outside. That is why we have an outdoor living space on our Read more »

Family All Around

I come from a very large family, while Roberto’s family is a bit smaller. Both of our families are extremely supportive and are very excited for the adoption. We are also all very close. We live near each other and we are all happy to get together. Birthdays, holidays and random dinners are a common occurrence. We even go on vacations Read more »

Could we be the parents your looking for?

Expectant mothers are amazing. It is amazing to talk with expectant mothers and learn about them and hear their stories. We love answering their questions and hearing about what they want for their babies. Sharing our stories in return. But it is not about any connection, it is about the right one. The one that is best for all families and best Read more »

Disney Fans

Disney world is at the top of the list of things that we can not wait to share with our child. We are huge Disney fans. We go to Disney world constantly because it makes us constantly smile. It is a place of endless entertainment, a place were you can be silly, and a place with amazing food. Disney is more than just theme parks, there are Read more »

Life with Animals

Life is interesting and fun, but life with animals is a different realm all together. We have many different types of animals that are part of our life. We have the three dogs who are part of our family. They are amazing companions and are with us through good times and bad. Then there are the horses. We have four horses who live at a farm near Read more »


My sister is currently at her due date with her third little girl! We are very excited and can not wait to have a new niece!!! We adore our nieces and spend a lot of time with them. So, we are excited about niece #3!! They are going to make amazing cousins to the baby we adopt. I am so happy that there are already cousins ready to play! Read more »

Always Working Together

Roberto and I spend a lot of time together. Not just traveling and hanging out, but we both work from home. He has his photography studio in the barn on the property, while I work my farm, which is also on our property. This gives us a great advantage when we run into troubles, like a chicken escapes, or someone needs to meet the cable guy, or Read more »

Out in Nature

Yesterday, Roberto and I visited the Black Forest during our trip to Germany. It was an interesting place. Heavily forested land in the mountains, with small towns scattered around. A beautiful place. We love hiking and being in nature, so we try to do some hiking everywhere we go. Nature is special to us and provides a sense of wonder and Read more »


We like exploring the world through travel and books, home and abroad. I think it comes from a curious nature that we both possess. A sense of wonder and appreciation when we discover new and different things, and when we have new experiences. It is my hope that we can share these qualities in the child we adopt. That he/she will also learn how Read more »

Plans for Travel

Roberto and I are travelers. Right now we are headed over to Germany, it is our last planned trip, because we are hoping to adopt and become parents. We hope to share this love of traveling with our child. Between the US and the rest of the world, there is so much to see. We love traveling though our own country, the national parks, the amazing Read more »


In some spare time when watching Netflix, I like knitting. I learned a bit about knitting when I was in college through a friend. I am not very good, but it is fun to make things once in a while. I have never been a hardcore knitted and have never made anything too complicated. What is nice about knitting is the scarf that you have in the end, Read more »

Volunteering and Sun

Today we went to a fundraising walk for a national medical research foundation to help out. Roberto was asked to photograph the event and I helped with the food. It was rather hot and keeping the water buckets filled was a challenge. But it was also a lot of fun. I handed out doughnuts to the different walkers, helped the guys who were cooking Read more »

Our Library

Roberto and I are huge book lovers. We have a room in our house dedicated to a library and it includes many comfy chairs that are all wonderful to curl up in. We made sure before we bought them, that they were super comfortable. There is also a table and a fireplace to complete the library feel. It is our favorite room in the house and we spend Read more »

Pots and patios.

One a big property like ours, there is always landscaping and gardens to be taken care of. One of my favorite things though is planting all the pots that go on my patio. They are all shapes, sizes and colors. They all get a variety of different flowers, herbs and even vegetables. These posts are important to me because we spend many days Read more »

Dog bath mania

So, we have the three dogs. All wonderful, happy, healthy and dirty. Why not? Life is fun and we let the dogs enjoy it, but we do ask that they take their baths. They get baths once a month and they are not small dogs. Bath time is a good hour workout with the edition of getting very wet. They are all super good and have tolerated me giving Read more »

Country Living Fair

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful June day and we escaped the house and yard work and opted for a day out. The Country Living Magazine puts on a fair every year near our home and we have never been, so we headed there. The fair was full of all our local vendors selling all kinds of hand made items, antiques, clothes, furniture, and really Read more »

New Playground

(Open post to see pictures) The other day we were walking around a large park when we turned a corner and tucked into a grove of trees was a new playground!!!! It is amazing. It is themed around a specific animal and all the equipment is new and beautiful. The equipment is all designed around these animals. They are unique and funky. Roberto Read more »

Mountain Biking

Last night we stole a little time for ourselves and went mountain biking. I used to mountain bike as a teen, but stopped once I moved away from my home to be with Roberto. It was last year that Roberto discovered mountain biking and now it is something we share. It has been so much fun to be out in the woods where it is shady and quiet, taking Read more »

In the Herb Garden

These days it is all about the gardens. We had a huge pile of mulch delivered and it is time to get going. The herb garden is always at the top of my list because I use so much in my cooking. This year I have been redesigning and rebuilding my garden. Right now it is still a bit of a mess but very close. I added a small retaining wall of Read more »

Spring Dirt

The rain is relentless in NY right now. It is making everything mud and keeping it mud. So when out in the garden trying to get things cleaned up, I just get covered in mud. Thank goodness I don’t mind getting dirty. ~Nicole Read more »

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