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Our Home

  • Fall is here!
  • Moving day!

5 Year Wedding Anniversary!

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Sweet Summer Time!

  • Bri's sister
  • Friends!
  • Kindergarten Moving Up Day At School!
  • Kindergarten Moving Up Day At School!
  • Enjoying a warm summer night!
  • Boating with family!
  • Dinner on the water!
  • Finally moved into our new home!


  • Dancing the night away! You can always find us tearing up the dance floor!
  • Christmas caroling traditions!
  • Exploring Disney World!
  • We love, love, love horseback riding
  • Our Wedding Day! Fall 2014
  • Grandma's cottage on the lake. Our favorite place to be!
  • Working on our land together!
  • Golfing! We are horrible but always have so much fun!
  • Our first photo together! We were just teenagers!
  • Annual traditions of cutting down our Christmas tree and picking out a wreath!
  • Dan's parents farm
  • Dan loves swimming in Bri's parents pool
  • A baby deer got lost in the barn and we helped returned him to his mother! So cute!

Our Family

  • Our dog, Boone!
  • Hiking with family in the Adirondaks!
  • Our kiddos in the Dominican Republic!
  • Ice cream with Dan'a brothers and our nephews!
  • Summer nights with Bri's family!
  • Dan's mom!
  • Brianna's sister!
  • Camping with our dog, Boone
  • Dan fishing at grandma's house with our nephews
  • Bri's bestfriends daughter
  • Bri's family!
  • Christmas at grandma's
  • Sibling love
  • Family dinners!
  • Baking with grandma

Our Home

Fall is here!
Moving day!

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