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Back to School!

Fall is here! It is a bitter-sweet time… we are feeling sad and disappointed after not having any luck with finding a birth mom or becoming pregnant but that is okay! We’re trying to stay positive and optimist and continuing to pray that our birth mom will find us. I am happy to go back to school and see all of my students smiling faces again. The pure happiness and joy my students give me, reassures me that we are meant to be parents and share this love for a child of our own. The leaves are changing and so are we! We love this time of year… as the weather is changing, we are enjoying having bonfires outside, wear cozy sweaters, snuggling on the couch with blankets, making soup and watching football!  I think what we love most about the fall is celebrating our Anniversary in October and being reminded of how lucky we are to have found out each other. We hope you are enjoying this time of year just as much as we are!

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