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5 years married

10-18-2014, the day we said I-do! It’s crazy to think we have been married 5 years already. Although the timing was awful to go on a vacation, we decided to take a long weekend away in paradise. We had such a blast on our honeymoon and made a promise that when our 5 year wedding anniversary came, we would spend the time and money on ourselves and to go away and do something “big” and appreciate each other. So, that’s just what we did! We spent 4 days at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. It was pictured perfect. The beautiful turquoise water and warm sunshine what just what we needed. We spent our days laughing and loving on each other. We talked about the trials and tribulations of not only the last 5 years of marriage, but the last 8 years of being together. We talked about our struggles and the fact that we were just 2 kids in love with nothing but a dream. Our journey has not been an easy one as we worked really really hard to be where we are now and will continue to work to continue achieving our goals and dreams. Our struggles have only made us stronger and we thank god every day that we learned to lean on each other and relay on each other when things got tough. I couldn’t imagine a life without Dan. He’s a true angel on earth and I am so thankful for the caring, supportive and loving man he is. As we enjoyed our “honeymoon part 2 lol” we couldn’t help but notice all of the families that surrounded us. We watched parents swimming with their kids on the beach and sliding down the water slides in the pools. There were so many moments where we took each other by hand and shared a smile with eyes full of hope that one day, that would be us with our kids. We have so much love to give and cannot wait to be parents. We want to take our kids on this adventure of life with us. We want to take our kids traveling on vacations to go swimming and eat ice cream as the sun goes down. Please consider us to raise your child. I assure you, your baby will be loved by 2 parents who started with nothing and know the value behind hard work and love. We cannot wait to make your baby our life and give them everything the world has to offer. Thank you for taking the time to read our anniversary story. Love always, Bri and Dan.

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