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5 years married

10-18-2014, the day we said I-do! It’s crazy to think we have been married 5 years already. Although the timing was awful to go on a vacation, we decided to take a long weekend away in paradise. We had such a blast on our honeymoon and made a promise that when our 5 year wedding anniversary came, we would spend the time and money on ourselves and to go away and do something “big” and appreciate each other. So, that’s just what we did! We spent 4 days at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. It was pictured perfect. The Read more »

Back to School!

Fall is here! It is a bitter-sweet time… we are feeling sad and disappointed after not having any luck with finding a birth mom or becoming pregnant but that is okay! We’re trying to stay positive and optimist and continuing to pray that our birth mom will find us. I am happy to go back to school and see all of my Read more »

Summer Time!

Summer time is finally here in Western New York! We are having so much fun, enjoying this beautiful weather! This past week has been a busy one! It was Bri’s last week of school before summer vacation. We celebrated the kindergarten and 8th graders moving up days. Watching my students grow and progress in life is the Read more »

Getting Anxious….

Our new house is just about done being built and we are so ready to move on in! After over 3 year of prepping and building… our dream house is finally ready! We keep looking at the “baby nursery” with such high hopes and anxiousness. We are praying god sends us a sign and we are able to fulfill that room Read more »

Week 1

It has been almost one week since we created our adoptimist website. We have received little activity but it is unbelievable how much hope those few” views” and “likes/follows” have given us. We have been checking our page and email every hour with anticipation and excitement for meeting you. We keep Read more »

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