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Veterans Day Cross Country Race

I never miss this race! It is my favorite one of the year held on the grounds of the local Veterans hospital. It is a real challenge with a lot of rolling hills at the end of the course! They also have the BEST post-race at which they serve bowls of hot clam chowder (Manhattan style)! The first time I experienced this, many years ago, I was surprised and even puzzled. But I must tell you, there is nothing as rejuvenating after a hard run, as a bowl of hot chowder enjoyed in the chilly air of a brisk Fall morning! This Read more »

Happy Halloween

Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Ours was extra happy because it wasn’t rained-out! For the entire week before the weather forecast was for heavy rain! Every day we would check to see if there was any change but all we saw was rain, rain, rain. Rachael held out hope and bought a lot of really great stuff to give out. We have Read more »

Halloween 5k Run

We had a great time at the local Halloween 5k run. What a great thing to do on a beautiful Autumn morning! A bunch of people ran in costumes, but we like to wear the awesome t-shirts we’ve gotten from previous years. After the race we kept the Halloween spirit by going pumpkin picking. Read more »

Pickle Fest!

Have we mentioned that we are big fans of pickles? Every year, usually on or around the first day of Autumn, we go to the local pickle festival. It is held at a small historical, but still working farm. There are vendors selling many different kinds of pickles, fried pickle chips and even pickle flavored popcorn (all Read more »

The Great Cow Harbor 10K Race!

Yesterday I ran The Great Cow Harbor 10k race in my old town of Northport. It is a very big race and they get over 5000 runners every year coming into this tiny harbor town. The people of the town are so supportive—all along the race course they are cheering from their doorsteps and driveways, some of them spray sprinklers Read more »

Cape Cod vacation day 5

We rode another bike trail today. It threaded its way through beautiful woods and villages. We made a stop in one called Orleans, and walked a bit. We found a little shop that sold Scandinavian artwork, books, clothing and more. It was a surprise! We have been all over the Cape and haven’t come across another shop like it. Read more »

Cape Cod vacation day 4

Rachael and I have become a good team when we’re canoeing. I sit in the front and paddle and she sits in the rear and steers. I am happy to call her the Captain. We enjoy kayaks too, but it is more fun being on a boat together. We go canoeing at home as well, so over the years we’ve gotten some good practice in! Read more »

Cape Cod vacation day 3

Would you believe that we drove across the Cape for the SOLE reason of having a grilled cheese sandwich? Well, we did! But I have to say it was one of the best grilled cheeses EVER! It actually had macaroni and cheese on it and came with a little tomato soup to dip in! We had the same one last year and said then that we Read more »

Cape Cod vacation day 2

We spent the day riding on the Shining Sea Bikeway in Falmouth. This is a well-paved trail that runs through some of the most beautiful scenery—shady woods, salt marshes, cranberry bogs, Buzzards Bay and Nantucket Sound. Read more »

Cape Cod vacation

We decided to take a trip up to Cape Cod Massachusetts. It is a place that I have been going to with my family since I was a boy. Rachael fell in love with it too and we have enjoyed it together for many years now. As soon as we cross the bridge onto the cape, old memories come flooding back, as long familiar sights greet us. Read more »

Last of the summer corn

Here is our Lucy enjoying some of the last of this summer’s corn. I have been growing corn in our garden for a few years now, and it is always a treat—so sweet, juicy and tender. I have actually eaten it raw, right off the stalk. When the corn comes in it is always satisfying because I take extra care to help it grow. Read more »

Spent an amazing day with my brother and nephew

It was one of the best days of the entire summer! My twin brother and his son came out from New Jersey and we spent the entire day together. We met up at lunchtime and really enjoyed catching up over pizza. My nephew filled me in on his summer activities and told me about his recent week at scout camp and then we discussed Read more »

An evening in our old town

We spent a lovely evening in our old town on the harbor. We had lived there for several years, and it always feels like home when we go back. That graffiti has been on the sidewalk by the park forever. Every few years someone repaints it so it will never fade away. Read more »

Garden update

The garden has been keeping us really busy this summer! The corn has already come and gone but it was sweet and delicious. We were able to share some with our folks and when my brother and nephew came over we picked it right off the stalk and cooked it up for dinner—they got such a kick out of that! These past few weeks the Read more »


Hey. Thinking about you tonight. Wish we knew what to say to you. Wish we knew what you needed to hear. Wish we knew what to show you. Wish we knew what you needed to see… that would let you know we could be the right choice for you. Read more »

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Rachael and Matt are ready to meet the love of their lives!

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Rachael and Matt are ready to meet the love of their lives!