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Tom and Sammie


(Some of) Why we want to adopt

We wanted to write a little bit more about what it means to have four children in the family and be so excited to adopt. Sometimes people will say to Sam, “wow, you have four children.” Sam likes to say, “Yes, *only* four.” We have lots of friends with one or two children and we love that people can make decisions about the size of their family, about when to parent and how to parent. For us, we love to be around children. When we lost a baby half way through the pregnancy, it was genuinely heartbreaking for us. Some people said, “well, you already have four,” but the truth is, children aren’t interchangeable. Each one is so unique and precious. We know that this is true about each adopted child and that adoption makes a person unique and precious but that also, simply by being, a child is both of those things. Adopting a child means we get the privilege of raising a child, someone totally their own in every way. Having four kids already here helps us to understand that every kid is different, has different needs and different gifts. Our job is to help each child become more and more themselves. It’s pretty powerful to hear, “we like you just the way you are,” and it’s something we strongly believe in.

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Tom and Sammie

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Tom and Sammie