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Fun and Games!

We had a backyard kids fair yesterday and it was so much fun. The weather ended up perfect, sunny and warm but not too hot. We had big kids and little kids and parents. There were tractor wagon rides, a concession stand (run by the older girls), a field of games including tug of war and a water balloon toss (run by the oldest), two bounce houses (run by the younger son) and a ticket booth (run by the four year old!) It was a lot of work but ended up a very happy day. More pictures posted in our album! Read more »

Another Ordinary Day

We were glad to have another ordinary day after lots of work commitments and being away. We had burritos for dinner and got to watch an episode of one of our favorite shows together (Brady Bunch!). We’re getting ready for the end of school so the kids are pretty excited and full of energy (school is all special snacks and movies so that Read more »

(Some of) Why we want to adopt

We wanted to write a little bit more about what it means to have four children in the family and be so excited to adopt. Sometimes people will say to Sam, “wow, you have four children.” Sam likes to say, “Yes, *only* four.” We have lots of friends with one or two children and we love that people can make decisions about Read more »

Beach trip

What a wonderful time we had going away for the weekend. It’s pretty special and doesn’t happen that often that just the two of us can go away for the whole weekend. We went to Rhode Island and stayed by the ocean to celebrate Sam’s birthday (and Tommy’s birthday belatedly, too). The weather was perfect—although Read more »

A birthday and sadness, too

Today is Sam’s birthday. Her oldest daughter made breakfast for her and everyone this morning as a way to celebrate—then all the big kids off to school and Tommy off to work. Sam and Annie will get to spend the day together with a playgroup of preschool friends starting the day at a local playground, then Tommy and Sam are off for a Read more »

What makes us unique

We were all talking today about what makes us unique as a family. We asked the kids to say something they loved about our family that makes us special. It was a great exercise and got us thinking about what makes us different. One thing we have a lot of is affection. Hugs, kisses, cuddles, snuggles, tickles and play-wrestling all happen easily Read more »

Welcome Home

My oldest went away on a school trip and came back today. We were so happy to see him! He was totally exhausted, having gotten more fun in than sleep. After he came home, my friend’s 3 year old came for playing and dinner while she went to a meeting. The two middle children fought to get to watch him and take care of him. They really love Read more »

Sam’s Mother

I (Sam) didn’t have a chance to write yesterday so am getting in my diary entry first thing this morning. I wanted to share a little bit about my own mother. She’s a super grandma—will call her Nanny—totally devoted to the children. She lives on Nantucket Island so we don’t get to see her as often as we would like Read more »

Growing the family

We have learned so much about adoption in the past year. Before that, we knew some about it, having friends who have adopted and having friends who were adopted, but we hadn’t done so much of our own reading and studying. We love the idea in open adoption of creating a new kind of family. We would like most of all to have the kind of Read more »

Lots of work and some fun, too!

Today was such a full day with many outdoor projects happening. We’re putting in a little frog/fish pond in the backyard and did some work on it today to smooth the bottom and get it ready. We also did some wood moving and stacking. We had a family meeting, which we do every now and again to talk about how things are going, what we need Read more »


We’ve been on Adoptimist.com for one week! So happy that it’s Friday. Friday is one of the best days here. We had a great dinner out on the screen porch, all six of us and my daughter’s friend who is like another daughter (here for a sleep over). Sam had everyone get together for a photo. Not an easy thing with seven people! Read more »

An ordinary day

Today was an ordinary day for us. Everyone up on time and eating oatmeal for breakfast. The big kids off to school and Annie off to a playdate while I taught a morning yoga class. After school one child had an annual physical (and was in great health!) and then we took my older daughter to ballet and my big kid and I cooked the dinner together Read more »

Day Six

My oldest had an Ultimate Frisbee game today. It was a lot of fun to see. They didn’t win but it’s still a good time—the younger kids playing on the playground and seeing friends. We came home for dinner. My eight year old helped to cook the rice, tofu and carrots. It was a pretty normal evening with trumpet practice and a few Read more »

Back to school

It was a busy first day after the long weekend. The kids got off to school—one stayed home sick and for one school is already over. Tommy was back to the university for a meeting-packed day. Sam watched a friend’s three year old son as well and we all had a lot of fun with him. Sam taught three yoga classes today so we’re Read more »

Memorial Day

We had a fun day, a barbecue with friends, put up the bounce house, had a lot of little people jumping and running around the yard. We started work on making our little backyard frog pond but the kids decided to turn it into a (muddy) swimming pool! Everything was good except for the really awful mosquitos. We ended up eating on the screen Read more »

Day 3 on Adoptimist

Tommy and I walked down to the Connecticut River. There’s a cool foot bridge over the inlet to the river—that’s where we are in the picture. I preached this morning at church and had a wonderful evening gathering with friends. We got to eat the spinach and new baby lettuce from the raised bed garden—finally they were Read more »

Day 2

I’ve had a journal for most of my life so I guess I’ll go ahead and write in this one every day! It’s a gorgeous day here. Our good friend came to take down some trees, both to create more sun in the backyard and for the winter’s firewood. Tommy and I took a hike up Mount Warner. The kids are with their bio father so it Read more »

Creating a profile

Our first day on Adoptimist! It was fun to make a profile. Hard to pick the pictures and want to say just the right thing. Annie, 4, sat beside me and typed a letter to our birth mother, too, whoever she is, and then she said a prayer: “Thank you God so that we can most loving a little baby.” I couldn’t have said it better Read more »

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