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Cooking for My Family

First, let me say that I love our son Nolan dearly. He’s an awesome kid who is tougher than most grown men. One of Nolan’s challenges is swallowing. Right now he’s working hard to learn to swallow some saliva, but food is a long way down the road, if ever. There’s just something about being a mom that drives you to feed your children. Sure, I cook and blend Nolan’s food daily and use a syringe to push it directly into his stomach through his feeding tube. He’s fed; he’s healthy, but there is no joy or Read more »

Baby Monitor

One of favorite thing is listening to Nolan on the baby monitor. Kids are hilarious when they think no one is watching or listening. Nolan’s favorite word us hi-yah (think karate). Im currently listening to him sing a slow, sad sounding song with hi-yah being the only lyric Read more »

Father’s Day

We all got together with Dave’s family again today to eat a Father’s Day lunch. It was nice visiting and stuffing our faces. The dads and big kids went to town to play baseball for awhile, and us moms got to enjoy some quieter conversation. Everybody wins! Dave, all 3 of his brothers, and their dad are all terrific fathers, and it Read more »

Pool Party - Cousin’s Birthday

We just got home and settled after a fun evening at the swimming pool with Dave’s side of the family. The water was pretty cold, but I still made Nolan brave the water for a bit by dipping his feet and butt in. He tolerated it until he was flat done with me, but it was progress. Dave and I both enjoyed getting to swim and visit with Read more »

Fun at the Zoo

Today we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went to the zoo. Nolan got to take a picture with Mandy the sea lion,which was pretty cool. The train was a pretty big hit too. If you want to see more pictures of our zoo trip, you can look in our photo albums. Read more »

Always an Adventure

Some of the most memorable things in life are the things that don’t go as planned. Nolan and I has a hilarious adventure together yesterday. It went like this: I AM ALL THAT IS MAN! Read more »


I LOVE sour cherries! Probably because they take me back to when I was a little kid, picking and eating cherries off my grandparents’ tree. It’s been years since I’ve had any cherries (grocery store cherries don’t count because they’re sweet and don’t taste awesome. My parents bought a new house last summer Read more »

Family Fishing Trip

We are so lucky that Dave has every other Friday off. It allows us to do so much more as a family. Today we decided to go fishing. It was actually Nolan’s first time on a boat and fishing. He used to not be able to sit up long enough, and he required do much suctioning that we couldn’t stray from an electrical outlet. He had come so Read more »

Beautiful River Town

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful town. Today, I went for a walk across the bridge in town. The breeze off the water was just as wonderful as the view. I adore Nolan and Dave, but it is nice to be alone and recharge my batteries every now and then. The child we adopt will get to drink in these views, whether we’re just driving Read more »

Getting Creative with Dinner

Tonight, I decided to try a silly idea I got from another trach mom. I tried using a 60 ml syringe (aka really big syringe) to make pancakes. It worked! They were all the exact same size and no mess. Dave and I were laughing about it and agreed that our next child will surely love helping me squirt pancake batter into the pan. Sometimes it is Read more »

Yard Sale Score

Woo hoo! We found this pedal cart at a yard sale for $10 yesterday! I am so stoked! I’ve been wishing for some type of bike for Nolan, but specialized bikes are crazy expensive, and I knew he wasn’t quite ready yet. Now we’ve got to make a few modifications, and we can start riding bikes! I can’t wait to watch Nolan and Read more »

Baby’s Room

We have a beautiful room all ready and waiting for the little girl or boy that will become a part of our family. I look at the empty crib every day and try to imagine the child who will sleep there. Read more »

Summer Kid Movies

We just took Nolan to the movie theater for the first time ever. At $1 a ticket, we figured we couldn’t lose. We watched about half of Hotel Transylvania 3 before Nolan got excited, popped his vent off, started coughing and needed suctioned. In a rush and in the dark, I lost a piece of the suctioner. So, thanks to a mom fail, we had to Read more »

Snuggles on an Icky Day

Not every day is a crazy fun, adventure - filled day. Today was a sad day for Nolan. After a day filled with tears, we were able to fix it all with some snuggles in the rocking chair. I soaked in the love and snuggles today, but at the same time, I day dreamed about rocking and snuggling our new baby. It still seems like such a dream… a Read more »

First Steps

We purchased this cool device for Nolan that allowed him to WALK around with me (Mom) today. It was incredible! Please, know that we will do anything to help our children succeed and love their fullest lives! I think Nolan and our adopted baby will encourage and challenge each other as they learn to crawl, walk, and talk. I seriously Read more »

Memorial Day

What a beautiful day! We decided last minute to pile in the car and head to my parents’ house for the day. We have had a blast! As I’m writing this in sitting on the porch, under the ceiling fans, looking at the blue pool and listening to the fountain. SUMMER! We found a cool float that allowed us to easily get Nolan in the pool Read more »

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is one of Nolan’s favorite activities (crazy kid). We love just being able to get out of the house and do something as simple as buying groceries together. But after church and grocery shopping, we’re down for the rest of today. Movies and laundry? Sounds like a good Sunday afternoon. Read more »

All the birthdays

We have a lot of kids in our family, and right now itseems like birthday season. We are getting ready to head to one of Dave’s brother’s house to celebrate our nephew’s 4th birthday. Looking forward to relaxing with family, eating some BBQ, and watching Nolan play with his cousins. I can’t wait for the day that we get to Read more »

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Hopefully, this diary will give you an idea of what everyday life is like in our family.

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