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Anthony and Laetitia


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My husband and I have not been able to conceive for the past 5 years. I have lost two pregnancy then we have tried ivf for for another 2 years with no success. So we talked to our kids and we are all ready to welcome a new child in our family with an open heart unconditional, we have so much love to give to the future baby.....our 2 kids are from our previous relationship so we do share custody with our exes every week we do not have our children full time during the week

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have a beautiful home of 4 bedrooms, a sun room , a huge swimming pool , a finished basement and a family room ... we already finished our nursery baby bedroom to welcome the future baby .we will provide a safe environment for your baby ...we fully remodeled our home about 2 years ago .

About Laetitia

adoptive family photo - Laetitia As a wife I m very affectionate to my husband it s always such a joy to be able to call Anthony as my husband of the past 4 years...I'm a very tolerant and caring wife ...I have a huge heart when comes down to my family...my daughter would describe me as a very stable and happy mother.

About Anthony

adoptive family photo - Anthony I'm a very active dad I played sport all my life and coach Anthony-James in every sport is in to be involved and part of his life as much as I can ..I majored in a financial field and love numbers...my wife always tell me how I help her out in every aspect of her life. I m a very honest person and reliable..I love to be involved with children in order to help them to achieve the best of themselves.

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Anthony and Laetitia

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Anthony and Laetitia