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Our story - Tara and Fred

  • Our wedding day
  • Gulf shores vacation
  • Our adoption announcement
  • Our wedding day
  • Celebrating our 5 year anniversay
  • Our wedding day
  • Date night ice cream stop
  • Easter
  • Florida vacation - Fred is always making me laugh
  • Sunset dinner cruise in Kauai
  • Us
  • Florida vacation
  • Us
  • Eureka springs, Arkansas

Our home and community

  • Our home.
  • A beautiful hanging basket.
  • We love planting flowers every spring.
  • Fred taking pictures at Maramec Spring Park.
  • Inner tubing on the lake.
  • Kayaking camp trip on the river.
  • A turkey Fred caught on camera in our backyard.
  • More turkeys caught in our backyard on a snowy, winter's day.
  • A beautiful sunset in our skies.
  • Our Christmas tree. We put it up the day after Thanksgiving!
  • A deer we caught on camera in our backyard.
  • More turkeys in our yard.
  • Kayaking on our favorite river in the summer.
  • Our niece and nephew trying out their new hover board and scooter after Christmas.
  • The Christmas tradition continues! Making sugar cookies with my nephew and niece.
  • Christmas time at our house with family!
  • Celebrating cultures from around the world during our yearly Celebration of Nations event.
  • More outdoor time with our nephew and niece at our favorite park.
  • Our famous Fourth of July carnival that happens every year!


  • Tara and her surf instructor, Marlow, in Kauai.
  • Tara and her niece, Haley.
  • Tara's first powerlifting competition. She placed third.
  • Tara meeting baby Henry for the first time.
  • Tara and friends during the 5k Color Run.
  • Tara speaking at the What If Conference.
  • Doing yoga on the beach in California.
  • Tara and her Halloween costume she made the night before. She was a brainstorm.
  • Tara finishing her day of surfing.
  • Tara during Tough Mudder 2019.
  • Running up the Everest wall during Tough Mudder 2019.
  • Tara was honored with the Alumna of the Year Gold award.
  • Tara and one of her best friend's Kayla.
  • Tara and her best friend Lindsey after completing a 5K race.
  • Tara and Kayla during diversity weekend in Eurkea Springs.
  • Tara planking on a bridge, for fun!
  • Tara visiting with her friends from Italy.
  • Hitting some softballs at local park.
  • Celebrating her birthday with coworkers.
  • Attending a work conference for user experience design.
  • Monkeying around with the niece and nephew at park.
  • Taking a tour at the Busch Stadium.
  • A special little visitor at Tara's office.
  • Finishing up a 5K.
  • Powerhouse!
  • First time visiting Disney World. Fred surprised her with a trip.
  • At the Design for Life conference with her friend, Julia.


  • Leading a song at church.
  • Fred hiking the Taum Saulk mountain.
  • Hanging on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
  • Having fun at the park with the niece and nephew.
  • Fred looking at boats in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Fred leading worship and playing keys at church.
  • Fred's missions trip to Haiti.
  • Fred loves to take photos.
  • Hanging out in the Grand Cayman Islands.
  • Reading a bedtime story to our friend's son, Surber.
  • Fred getting a volunteer award at church.
  • Meeting Henry, our friend's son, for the first time.
  • Fred and his best friend, RIck.
  • Fred grilling on the big green egg.
  • Supporting the Dallas Cowboys at a game in the AT&T Stadium.
  • Hanging out with the niece and nephew. They love Uncle Fred.
  • Checking out the STL Cardinal's museum.
  • Hanging out with Surber during our famous St. Pat's parade.
  • Spending time with Henry after finishing a 5K run.
  • Fred singing at church.
  • Fred and the niece and nephew.

Family and friends

  • Tara with her grandparents.
  • Hiking at Johnston Shut-ins with Fred's Mom and Step dad.
  • Fred and his mom.
  • Noah, our nephew and Haley, our niece, first Easter at our house.
  • Fred's brother, nephew, Dad and grandma.
  • With our friends for a weekend trip in Eureka Springs.
  • Celebrating Tara's birthday with a group of our friends.
  • Deep sea fishing with friends in Virginia Beach.
  • Tara's best friend and her laughing before seeing the Celtic trio at local theatrel
  • Celebrating our nephew, Noah's birthday at local park.
  • Tara and her grandpa.
  • Fred and his mom and brother enjoying a game of golf on Mother's Day.
  • With a group of friends enjoying the city with some shopping.
  • A weekend trip to Eureka Springs with our friends Kayla and Cole. It's a tradition to try escape rooms on our adventures.
  • Tara and her sisters on our wedding day.
  • Vacationing with friends in Florida.
  • Tara with her dad and older sister and brother.
  • With a group of work friends for a fun trivia night. Winners!
  • Tara and her friend Julia attending a christian women's conference. We go every year together.
  • Fun friend vacation to Florida.
  • Our nephew and niece at the local carnival in July.
  • Our niece making sugar cookies. It's our Christmas tradition and she loves to bake!
  • Last year at the Design for Life conference.
  • Fred and his dad.
  • Fred and his friend Bobby on their weekend float/camp trip.
  • Tara and her Tough Mudder team.
  • Celebrating with our friend, Chris, the day she rung the bell for completing her last chemo treatment.
  • Tara's grandma and grandpa. He was elected Grand Marshal for a local parade.
  • Our niece and nephew getting ready to head on our next adventure.
  • Celebrating St. Pat's during our yearly St. Pat's Ball at the university.
  • Tara and her sister, Julia.
  • Celebrating with our friends after the new arrival on baby Forbes!
  • Hanging with friends in Nashville, TN.
  • Celebrating Tara's birthday at our favorite restaurant.
  • Hanging with our friend's son Surber.

Life experiences

  • Quick selfie during our coastal hike in Kauai.
  • Hiking the Sleeping Giant in Kauai.
  • Tara catching some waves!
  • Us diving in the Grand Cayman Islands.
  • Visited the suspension bridge while in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Us hiking at Elephant Rock State Park.
  • We took the tour of Busch Stadium in STL for Fred's birthday!
  • Fred diving in the Cayman Islands.
  • We love to watch baseball. Watching a game in STL.
  • The best place on earth: Disney World.
  • Tara diving a ship wreck in Grand Cayman.
  • Meeting Aladdin and Jasmine at Disney World.
  • We were enjoying sushi in the city for Fred's birthday. It was dynamite!
  • Tara relaxing on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
  • Beautiful view from one of our hikes in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Us posing on the suspension bridge in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Watching the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas!
  • Fred flying with his dad. Fred's dad is a pilot.
  • Fun at Fort Walton Beach Florida.
  • Fred is always making me laugh.
  • Standing at the top of the Memphis Pyramid - Bass Pro Shops in Tennessee.
  • Enjoying our first Chuckie Cheese experience together with the niece and nephew in Kansas City.
  • The beautiful Hideaway Beach located in Kauai.
  • Getting ready to enjoying Yo Yo Ma at our local theatre.
  • We took our niece and nephew to the movies to watch The Beauty and the Beast.
  • On our dinner sunset cruise in Kauai.
  • Visiting a local mushroom farm in Missouri.
  • Enjoying another hike in Hawaii.
  • Tara and her new friend during an art walk.
  • Tara and her friend, Kayla in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
  • Stopping to enjoy some homemade icecream on a hot summers day.
  • Hanging with our little friend Surber!
  • Quick selfie before the Ed Sheeran concert.
  • A weekend getaway with our friends to Eureka Springs.
  • Ed Sheeran concert.
  • Quick selfie before seeing Justin Timberlake in concert in Memphis, TN.
  • Beautiful views at the Waimea Canyon lookout.
  • At our favorite resort in West Palm Beach, FL.
  • Being goofy at the park with our niece and nephew.
  • Fred and his mom before a game of golf.
  • Fred working on his golf swing.
  • Playing around at the park.
  • Us posing in front of the castle at Disney World.
  • Tara's first Tough Mudder.
  • Visiting on of our favorite places to eat: BB Kings in Memphis.
  • Fred playing around with his drone.
  • Tara at the Coffee Plantation in Kauai.
  • Road tripping to Florida with our friends.
  • The Justin Timberlake concert!
  • Meeting our friend's twin girls for the first time!
  • Halloween with Tara's co-workers. She was a brain storm - made the costume the night before.
  • Waterfall views from our hike in Kauai.
  • Game night with friends.
  • On the top floor of the John Hancock Building in Chicago.
  • Fred leading music during our Christmas service at church.
  • Summer time boat fun.

Our story - Tara and Fred

Our wedding day
Gulf shores vacation
Our adoption announcement
Our wedding day
Celebrating our 5 year anniversay
Our wedding day
Date night ice cream stop
Florida vacation - Fred is always making me laugh
Sunset dinner cruise in Kauai
Florida vacation
Eureka springs, Arkansas

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