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Plant Life

I (Erica) am not known for my green thumb.

Growing up, my mother’s garden would explode with tomatoes, spicy edible flowers, enormous lettuce and squash the size of my torso. Bird feeders scattered our trees, wild raspberry bushes edged the property and a trellis of morning glories climbed the side of our house. Despite agonizing over my “chores” of having to water the gardens, I envied my mother’s ability to create a green space for veggies to thrive.

Today, my mom’s garden still remains a focal point, overflowing with home-grown edibles and surrounded by a custom-built fence to keep the deer from helping themselves. Plants that are decades old sit in giant pots on the deck and in the sun-filled living room, having lived though my adolescence as though they were another member of our family.

My lack of gardening ability does not match my affection for plans, however. I love being surrounded by nature, trees, gardens, flowers and more; and make it a point of spending as much time outside as possible. So, to continue to stretch my boundaries -and- surround myself with greenery, I find comfort in creating small pots of succulents, which seem to have the stamina for my plant-inspired learning curve. |  336.298.3413 |

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