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Today it is raining in North Carolina; and despite loving the sun and blue skies, we are in desperate need of rain here.

Currently, it is sprinkling outside and the sky is gray-blue, which always reminds us of our trips to Alaska – where water droplets hang in the air, and you need a heavy jacket for August mornings. For several summers, we have had the opportunity to spend time on a boat owned by a friend, navigating Southeast Alaska. We have hiked on animal trails to secret turquoise lakes or white sand beaches, only accessible on foot or by sea plane. We have fished for salmon and halibut; and kayaked among seals and glaciers. We have fed bears at a local sanctuary, and seen cubs playing together along the rivers. Wildlife, rubber boots, cozy hats, warm meals and miles of ocean or forest are in front of you every day you are there. And, it so expansive and insanely gorgeous, you have a feeling of being transported to a tiny mystical village somewhere beyond our continent. 

We have created some of our favorite memories together in Alaska. <3 |  336.298.3413

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