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Morning Walk

A beautiful sky this morning during our early morning walk with the dog. Clouds, color, coolness. Birds flying around, horses nickering and #nofilter on the sky around us. “Morning is the dream renewed, the heart refreshed, earth’s forgiveness painted in the colors of the dawn.” // Kent Nerburn, Small Graces: The Quiet Gifts of Everyday Life, 1998 CONTACT US :: | 336.298.8292 | | insta @ericaandbryan #life #morning #adopt #adoption #hopetoadopt #hopingtoadopt Read more »


We took a walk last night after dinner, and caught this beautiful sunset sky. Often, we have to pinch ourselves that we get to call this beautiful farm our home. We don’t hear traffic or trucks; only birds and horses and wind. And yet, we are just 4 minutes from the major interstate, a short drive to two major NC Read more »

Childhood Moment :: Go Outside!

As a child, Erica spent most of her time outside. Rain, sun, snow, hot, cold. Her parents would send her out after school and on the weekends to explore with the neighbors, create “fancy” paintings out of mud and other findings, or help her dad build things (like her swing-set and model horse barns). Bike riding, Read more »

Childhood Moment :: Fuel in the Veins

Bryan grew up with a deep love of automobiles; and weekends would often find them at the race track, working on his dad’s 1967 Mustang (which he still has to this day!) Bryan’s love of cars has remained a big part of his life. After several years a pro racer, he now enjoys time working on his car and driving through Read more »

Off to a Horse Show

We have been pulling together several stories to post in our blog and on social media that share even more about who we are – as a couple, and as individuals. We hope to expand on our profile book, and tell more about our childhoods, our passions and what we do for fun on the weekends. We aim to start sharing those more Read more »

Summer Daze

It may seem strange that this photo – where we are both wearing jackets – reminds us of summer, but it does. Often, summer is a time when we are able to get away with family and friends. A long weekend, a week at the beach, or a trip across the country to the Pacific Northwest. Believe it or not, this photo was taken at Read more »

Asheville Again

When family was visiting last week, we loaded up the cars for a day trip to Asheville. We spent a few hours exploring downtown’s shops and galleries. We had a wonderful lunch at a brewery nestled into the mountains; and we spent some time just enjoying the view. {A couple of extra photos on our Instagram Read more »

July 4th Reunion

A July 4th Family Reunion. We started planning before Christmas of last year, and last week, we welcomed 25 family members (Bryan’s side) for a Fourth of July reunion at the farm in North Carolina! Relatives came from Michigan, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and Connecticut to join us for six days of fun and family fun – a Read more »

Waiting for Ice Cream

One of my favorite photos from the family reunion – Bryan with our niece, Juliet, sitting outside of the ice cream shop. On a very tiny bench. :) |  336.298.3413 | {e + b} #family #july4 #holiday #adopt #adoption #hopetoadopt #hopingtoadopt #readytoadopt Read more »

Pick-up Sticks

Another game of {giant} pick-up sticks, with our sweet niece. So far, our #july4th week has been filled with giant lawn games, jumping off the dock into the lake, family meals and time catching up. We are waking up this morning on day 4 of a six-day family reunion and are looking forward to another day of time #together. Read more »

Happy July 4th!

We hope your #fourthofjuly is full of the moments that make you #sparkle.  Regardless of the holiday, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For us, holidays are full of family, both our current and {hopefully} our future. <3 | 336.298.3413 | {e + b} #family #july4 Read more »

Quiet Blogger

It’s no secret that our blog has been a bit quiet lately. Over the last couple of weeks, we have been preparing to welcome 25 family members to the farm for a family reunion (on Bryan’s side) for the Fourth of July week. A full week of activities, travel to the mountains, family dinners and relaxation has been Read more »

Long Week

It has been a long week, in work and in life. But to end today with such gorgeous weather during a run after dinner, makes the tough times disappear a little bit. |  336.298.3413 | {e + b} #northcarolina #adopt #adoption #hopetoadopt #hopingtoadopt #readytoadopt Read more »

Plant Life

I (Erica) am not known for my green thumb. Growing up, my mother’s garden would explode with tomatoes, spicy edible flowers, enormous lettuce and squash the size of my torso. Bird feeders scattered our trees, wild raspberry bushes edged the property and a trellis of morning glories climbed the side of our house. Read more »


Today it is raining in North Carolina; and despite loving the sun and blue skies, we are in desperate need of rain here. Currently, it is sprinkling outside and the sky is gray-blue, which always reminds us of our trips to Alaska – where water droplets hang in the air, and you need a heavy jacket for August mornings. For Read more »

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad! My (Erica) father, born in Denmark, is an energetic, intelligent and insanely talented individual who can build, fix or envision almost anything. He prefers to be outdoors, rather than inside, and walks several miles per day. He cares deeply for people’s well-being, and will drop anything to Read more »

A Beautiful Day

Amazing temperatures and low humidity are making for a beautiful day at the farm. We have thirty kiddos coming today from area schools to learn about horses and spend time in nature, exploring. |  336.298.3413 {e + b} #nature #horses #outdooreducation #nonprofit #home #adopt #adoption Read more »

The “Office”

Bryan and I have both been passionate about our careers since graduating college. We are both hard-working, and we care deeply about the people on our teams. We enjoy learning, and are always trying to surround ourselves with people who are different and unique; those who have different strengths than we do. But, we are also Read more »


To the expectant mother we have yet to meet – we cannot fully imagine how hard it must be to even think about creating an adoption plan for your child, let alone move forward with it. This process must be deeply filled with emotion and uncertainty as you think about what you want for your child’s future; and we know it Read more »

Disconnect to Reconnect

We have been a little quiet the last few days on social media, simply taking time to disconnect with one area of life, so that we can fully connect with another. Over the long weekend we fully immersed ourselves in family. We explored the established gardens at the Biltmore; ate amazing meals at some of our favorite Read more »

In the Blue Ridge

Erica’s family – mom, dad and sister – are in town visiting for the holiday weekend. In search of an early birthday celebration, we took off to Asheville {one of our favorite towns} for a couple of days. We explored, strolled, ate amazing food and visited some places we had never been. The blue ridge is one of the Read more »

“You are loved,” said the horse.

A note about a favorite artist: {e + b} #art #child #children #draw #drawing #adopt #adoption #hopetoadopt #hopingtoadopt #readytoadopt #adoptionrocks #waitingtoadopt #adoptiveparents #adoptivefamily #infantadoption #unplannedpregnancy Read more »

Family Visit

Today, my (Erica) parents and sister are coming in to town from out of state to spend the Memorial Day weekend in North Carolina. We are combining the holiday with my father’s birthday, which is in early June. We plan to take a two-day trip to the mountains for some hiking, sight-seeing and to hit our favorite Read more »

Life on the Farm

About six years ago, shortly before we were married, we had the unique opportunity to move to a large farm just outside a major city, where Bryan works. Since childhood, it has always been my (Erica) dream to have a farm full of horses; but I knew how much it would take to achieve that, and I was/am grateful and fulfilled to Read more »

A Case of the Mondays

We feel a little “behind” today, as Mondays can sometimes make you feel – it was hard to get going and into the week. But the sun was shining most of the day, an impromptu rain shower is now cooling down the humidity, and the butterflies have found a safe place on the porch. { e + b } #nature #adopt #adoption Read more »

The Weekend

Weekends are the “in between.” The time to recalibrate, and reconnect. To take off early and go hike somewhere new; or make pancakes and eat breakfast on the porch outside. The time to catch up on laundry and food shopping and vacuuming. To hang out with the dogs, horses and other creatures in our life. And to call family Read more »

Places We Go

We love to get out and explore. From seeking out new hiking or mountain biking trails close to home; to walking on bear trails in Alaska, we enjoy discovering new places and things to do or see. As a photographer, I (Erica) am often behind the camera, and the photographs we capture are a way for us to remember the trips we Read more »

Good Morning

I (Erica) have always been a morning person. I wake early without an alarm and love being up to see the sun rise. When I was a child, my parents encouraged me to read or draw in my room until the sun came up, otherwise I would be ready for the day pushing open their bedroom door hours before they had to get up for work. On Read more »

Animals We Love

“Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” // Quote by GEORGE ELIOT Animals are a big part of our daily lives; and for me (Erica), they were also a big part of my childhood. I always has a dog (or two) at home while growing up, and I participated in equestrian sports, Read more »

Fortune Cookies

On New Years Day of this year (2019), we were having dinner out with close friends and my (Erica’s) sister – all of whom live on the West Coast and were visiting for the holiday. We had only shared our plans to adopt with family at this point, and our home study process had not yet started. The decision to adopt Read more »

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