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John and Katie


Walking with Thor

We like to take Thor for walks together. Even when it’s snowing. He has a lot of fluffy fur so the summer heat can make walks shorter but he still loves it, as do we. Read more »

Spring Grilling

We like to use our grill all year, even in the snow. But it is better when the weather is nice - our favorite time for burgers. Read more »


It’s nice to have family nearby for many reasons. Recently, John’s dad came over to help remove a tree stump in our backyard. It was definitely a two-person job. Read more »

Morning View

We are lucky to have this as our backyard to wake up to every morning. Now that it’s spring, the ducks are typically enjoying the pond as well. Read more »


We both like to bake, especially around the holidays and birthdays. John’s specialty is cheesecake (seen in this photo) and Katie makes banana bread almost every week. Read more »


Running is something we’re able to enjoy together. This picture is from a cold weather race but it’s finally getting warmer in Minnesota, which makes it more fun. Read more »


One of the things we like to do together is experience new places. Recently, we took a trip to Austin, Texas. Since we also enjoy home renovation projects, we also made a visit to the Magnolia market in Waco. Read more »

On Parenting

John was encouraged by his parents to be his best person. He was able to explore his interests and passions growing up. Katie‚Äôs parents made her feel like she could do anything. They would be there to cheer her on or to help her if she needed them. We want to provide the same experiences for our child. We will: encourage our child to learn Read more »

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John and Katie

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John and Katie