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Brian & Julie
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Excited to be parents and offer unconditional love and support!

Hello! So happy you're here!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us; we know that the decisions you will make in the coming months take a great deal of courage along with research and trust. We are honored that you would consider placing your baby with us.

The first time we discussed the idea of our future family, we were juniors in college and just 20 years old. We are both oldest children in families with four children. Having many brothers and sisters growing up and being close with all of them (though of course there were the usual sibling squabbles!) made it easy for us to agree that we would be thrilled to have a family of four children. We got married at the age of 23 and began planning for a family right away. After several years of infertility treatment, we are now excited about the prospect of building our family through the miracle of adoption.

This child will be our first. Our two brothers and four sisters can’t wait to welcome a beautiful little niece or nephew into our family. In fact, all four of our sisters got engaged this past year—they can’t stop talking about how great it would be to have a little flower girl or ring bearer at their weddings! This baby will also be the very first grandchild for both our parents, which means four spry grandparents in their fifties ready to shower love and attention on this baby. And let’s not forget the seven loving great-grandparents who are anxious to knit this baby adorable outfits and bounce him or her on their knees at Thanksgiving dinner. It’s not just all old people though--we also spend lots of time with our two sweet goddaughters, ages two and five, who will probably be our baby’s first friends!

Julie is an English teacher and looks forward to spending hours reading to our child. Julie was a 30-hour-per-week nanny for many years during school, mostly working with families of four. She loved taking the children to Library Baby Story Hour. Craft projects and cookie baking are other activities Julie tried out as a nanny and can’t wait to share with our own
children. Brian looks forward to bringing our baby to the yearly cousins’ beach trip, where all of our siblings plus our three cousins and their dog pile into one house for a week of sun and fun. As an engineer, Brian builds truly exceptional sand castles and is eager to pass these skills along to our kids.

We are fortunate to be able to provide a child with a safe and stable home environment in a peaceful suburb. Education is important to us, and we live in one of the top school districts in our state. We intend to raise our family with Catholic, Christian values, since this is how we were both raised.
Our home is located within walking distance of two parks, the elementary school and the middle school, and of course the library.

We know this is an incredibly hard decision for you. Please know it is our sincerest wish to provide unconditional love and support for your baby. We hope you will consider allowing us to be a part of your baby’s life. If you would like to know more, please call our friend and adoption attorney Allan Hazlett at (785) 235-5497, or e-mail us directly at brian-julie@outlook.com

Brian & Julie

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Who We Are

Ever been waiting to cross the street, standing with a few strangers? Well, we believe people should put their phones down and say hello when that happens, because that is in fact how we met! It was our first day of College and we were waiting to cross the street. Brian was carrying a musical instrument case, and Julie asked him what he played. And that was that! We dated straight through all four years of college and got married shortly after graduation. Music has always played an important role in our lives. Brian plays the trumpet and Julie loves to sing. We also share a love for being outside and working in the garden. By far the most important thing to both of us, though, is family. We are both the oldest in our own families, and each have three younger siblings. Growing up in large families was very special for both of us, and we can't wait to have a family of our own!

Adoption Diary

My Buddy Nancy

As a “Navy Brat”, my family moved around the country often in my early childhood. I am the oldest child in my family, and remember far more of those days than my siblings, who were all born either on our second-to-last or last military tours. I spent a lot of my early years around adults—namely my parents. Trips to library story time were a constant, no matter where we lived. I liked playing with the other kids at the library events, but I liked the books better than the kids. No question. There was a real sense of comfort in walking into a library story hour. Even though all the kids were different, and the librarian was different in each town we moved to, the books—they were the same. I knew how to find “Frog and Toad are Friends” in any library. And when I got my hands on the book and opened it to the familiar sketches and watercolor illustrations, I felt at home. As I got older, I ditched the story hour and went right for the shelves. My mom would hang out in an armchair, leafing through magazines or checking out the new fiction offerings. She is a voracious reader also. The yellow spines of the Nancy Drew novels became my mainstay when I outgrew Frog and Toad. Though my own group of friends were transient, Nancy and her crew (Bess and George) were a constant.

It’s not that I was bad at making friends. In fact, it was only much later through the use of those high-end personality tests used at companies that I discovered I am actually an introvert. I was good at walking up to new kids and saying “Hi! I’m Julie. I just moved here from (Italy, Maryland, Chicago). What’s your favorite snack?” And more often than not kids would chat and even ask me to join their game. But putting out that kind of energy on a nearly constant basis was exhausting in a way I could not even really identify until I was older. I still keep in touch with some of my Navy friends through social media. Sometimes life has brought us back to the same cities—or even the same Universities—temporarily.

Today, my voracious consumption of books has spread into the realm of audiobooks. Before I discovered them, reading was an activity that had to be done to the exclusion of all other activities. But no more! Now, I can listen to books in the car, while gardening, while cleaning, even while exercising. I can scope out ones I thin Brian will like, and we can listen to a whole novel while we drive to visit Brian’s family (a 300 mile journey to New England). Recently, while perusing new titles in my library’s audiobook ap (I am still obsessed with libraries. In fact, my best friend and college partner in literary crime is now a librarian) I discovered that the original Nancy Drew yellow hard-back series by author Caroline Keene has been recorded as an audiobook series! I believe I squealed allowed when I found them.

I can’t say the series has aged particularly well. There is a constant amazement that Nancy, a young woman, has the audacity to do anything at all let alone investigate crimes. This is not usually conveyed in an empowering way, but let us remember, it was written in the fifties and was quite revolutionary at the time. Even so, it felt like having coffee with an old friend. One who has been frozen in time since I last spoke with her, causing me equal parts amusements and nostalgia.

Books still play a major role in my life. I teach college English, and wake up overjoyed every day that I get to show new readers some of the most important books the world has ever experienced. My father-in-law loves to read adventure sagas, and reading them along with him has strengthen our bond. I run a book club for my friends, which meets every six weeks. I don’t really care if anyone has read or even started the book—it’s just an excuse to get together for dinner, really. And now that we are godparents, Brian and I have tons of fun picking out books to give to our goddaughters for special occasions. When we spend time with them, it is a great way to snag some bonding moments, sitting in the coziest chair and having them turn the pages. When we bought our first home, one of our criteria was that it be walking distance from our local library. I look forward gleefully to bringing our own children there before too long!

Baking Bonanza!

Brian’s side of our family are some of the most talented bakers I have ever encountered. I’m talking Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood caliber bakers. This was a new experience for me. On my side of the family, growing up, we would buy boxed cake mix for birthdays. And a can of icing. If we were lucky, the cake or cupcakes held together. On more than one occasion, though, we have ended up with a bowl-of-cake. Or even, once, a zip-lock bag of cake. The issue, I would later learn, is that baking is a science. One can’t just substitute skim milk for whole milk or margarine for butter willy-nilly. Not if one wants the end product to have some kind of structural integrity. Brian’s family are master bakers. Holidays with Brian’s side of the family usually include a minimum of four desserts. Not only do these desserts remain in their intended shape, but they are decorated to perfection. Some family favorites include whoopie pies, peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies, trifle, cupcakes of all kinds, and apple pie. Brian has been known to come home on random evenings and announce he will be baking. Recently, he came home and made funfetti cupcakes with homemade icing. He has also mastered the art of the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Here are some things I learned about baking from my marvelous in-laws and husband:

1. Low-fat ingredients are silly. Might as well have the real thing and ENJOY IT! As Brian’s grandmother says whenever someone brings up calorie count: We pass this way but once.
2. Crisco. Crisco is the answer.
3. The best apple pies are made from scratch immediately after family apple picking outings

Please enjoy this picture of Brian and I with our haul of apples picked for pies last Fall.

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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