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Brian & Julie

It has always been our dream to raise a family. Thank you for considering us.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us; we know that the decisions you're making in the coming months take a great deal of courage. We're honored that you would consider placing your baby with us. Adoption was always on our radar, even before we learned that building our family biologically wasn't in the cards for us. We're excited about building our family through the miracle of adoption!

We live in a peaceful suburb with plenty of beautiful parks for family trips. Education is important to us, and we live in one of the top school districts in our state. Our home is located within walking distance of two parks, the elementary school and the middle school, and of course the library, which Julie visits often--she is a book worm!

This child will be our first, and would be joining a large and loving family. There are four loving future aunts and six excited future uncles who can’t wait to welcome a beautiful little niece or nephew into our family! This baby will also be the very first grandchild, which means four spry grandparents in their fifties ready to shower love and attention on them. And let’s not forget the great-grandparents who are anxious to knit adorable outfits and bounce him or her on their knees at Thanksgiving dinner. It’s not just all old people though--we also spend lots of time with our two sweet goddaughters, ages two and five, who will probably be our baby’s first friends!

Julie is an English teacher and looks forward to spending hours reading to our child. Julie was a 30-hour-per-week nanny for many years during school, mostly working with families of four. She loved taking the children to Library Baby Story Hour. Craft projects and cookie baking are other activities Julie tried out as a nanny and can’t wait to share with our own
children. Brian looks forward to teaching our children how to play tennis and hockey, and how to build the most epic sandcastles on the beach. As an engineer, Brian builds truly exceptional sand castles!

We know this is an incredibly hard decision for you. Please know it is our sincerest wish to provide unconditional love and support for this baby. We hope you will consider allowing us to be a part of your baby’s life. To learn more, please call our friend and adoption attorney Allan Hazlett at (785) 235-5497, or e-mail us directly at

Brian & Julie

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Who We Are

Ever been waiting to cross the street, standing with a few strangers? Well, we believe people should put their phones down and say hello when that happens, because that is in fact how we met! It was our first day of College and we were waiting to cross the street. Brian was carrying a musical instrument case, and Julie asked him what he played. And that was that! We dated straight through all four years of college and got married shortly after graduation. Music has always played an important role in our lives. Brian plays the trumpet and Julie loves to sing. We also share a love for being outside and working in the garden. By far the most important thing to both of us, though, is family. We are both the oldest in our own families, and each have three younger siblings. Growing up in large families was very special for both of us, and we can't wait to have a family of our own!

Adoption Diary

60th Wedding Anniversary of the Grandparents

Brian’s grandparents on his mother’s side, Grace and Richard—Grandma and Papa to us—celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Saturday, December 28th 2019. The family planned a huge surprise party, and flew in from all around the country to be there. We had the very fun job of distracting Grandma and Papa so the rest of the family could set up the surprise in their home for when we returned. Brian’s aunt Diane has a lot of medical issues and lives with Grandma and Papa, and we prefer family gatherings at their home so Aunt Diane can be a part of them. So we took Grandma and Papa out to brunch and enjoyed hearing stories of how they met in Provincetown, way on the end of Cape Cod. When they got married, Grandma was 20 and Papa was 19, and Papa had t get a note from his mom saying it was ok for him to get married because of a law in that area at the time stating men had to be at least 20 to get married without written parental permission. Can you imagine?? Anyway, when we got back from breakfast, the whole family was waiting to surprise them out on the front porch. Please enjoy the picture of Grandma and Papa cutting their home made cake, which Brian’s sister Emily made from scratch and decorated herself! Grandma and Papa are an inspiration for our whole family, truly setting a beautiful example of what real love looks like. It’s not always easy, and it requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Grandma and Papa pray every day that the right little baby makes its way into our family through adoption.

Visits with the Little Cousins!

This Christmas, we had a nice long visit with Brian’s side of the family, including quality time with our little cousins who are 2 and 7. It’s so refreshing to spend time with them—2 and 7 are such fun ages! So much imagination at work! A favorite activity of theirs this season was to play hide-and-seek with a set of plastic dinosaurs, hiding them behind trees and rocks that came with the toy set. Please enjoy the accompanying picture of Julie playing this game with the cousins. Spending time with them is always a joy, and a great way to keep our own imaginations nimble as we await children of our own. If you’d like to learn more about us, please feel free to e-mail us at, or call or text our adoption attorney and dear friend Allan Hazlett on his personal cell phone 785-554-6309

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Brian & Julie

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Brian & Julie