Brandy & Whitney

“Aunt” Whitney meets Mac

I got to meet our good friends baby today, that they adopted 3 weeks ago! We are so excited to be able to raise a little one along side them, and to have a little community of love around adoption. Read more »

“Mommy Date”

I hung out with my two good friends recently, and their little ones, it reminded me of what the future looks like once we have a little one. I’m so grateful to have so many children in our community of friends. Read more »

Night Time Reading

So this is my current night stand reading. I try to balance for every 1 baby book, 1 personal growth. The baby books are for the knowledge, confidence and tools, and the personal growth books are to be the best possible version of myself, for myself and my family. Read more »

Hoping To Adopt Photoshoot

A good friend of ours offered to take some photos of us to be able to share with this page in hopes of helping us connect. The real ones will be coming soon! Read more »

Sunshine is Here!

And with it comes yard time! Luckily we love the sun and outdoors enough that the upkeep of the yard isn’t so bad, but most days something we enjoy. (I say we but let’s be honest most of it gets taken care of by Brandy ;))  Here is Brandy doing her thing for our home! Read more »

Women Helping Other Women

I just got back from a Women Helping other Women conference. And it was so refreshing to be around so many like minded women, wanting to have beautiful businesses so they can give back to their communities and provide for their families. And all of us there to help each other be successful. I’m really excited about the wonderful, genuine Read more »

Good Morning Kisses

Ollie was being adorable, and I was loving on him before heading off to work. What you don’t see in the photo is him leaping up to kiss me right before this was taken. He is such a good boy and fully kid and baby trained thank you to our amazing neighbors and their Kiddos. Read more »

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