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Hello June

Hi there. May just seemed to breeze by in an instant. With a few birthdays (mine included), mother’s day, a work trip and keeping the house up it was a whirl. I had a lovely time in Florida for work though. I learned a lot and had a little bit of fun too. Shawn stayed behind to work himself and manage our home and our kitties. Mother’s day was a bit sad for me as my mom passed a few years back and it was another reminder that we don’t yet have the big family we’d like. (Also turning another year older didn’t help either.) I can smile though knowing that everything happens when it’s supposed to. Our adoption agency rep also reminded us to keep our minds busy with other things and not to worry too much. We certainly are trying as we wait. I got to see my beautiful god-daughter go to junior prom last week. I’d say that’s a good start to the month.

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