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Happy Monday

Hi. Just checking in. We had a good weekend.  Friday we met up with friends and went to an Escape Room. It was kind of wizard themed. We didn’t make it out on time but we were close. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards we all went to dinner.

Saturday Shawn and I went down to a local Irish festival. It was mostly people selling items and food stands. There werevsome irish bands and the music was good though.  I have a lot of Irish on my side of the family so it is an important part of my heritage and I’m all about Irish events. :)

Sunday we met up with some other friends and spent the afternoon on their boat in the local river. We chatted, had some food and laughs. We anchored outside a baseball game for a bit too so was able to follow some of the game action. We talked about our adoption plans and how their adopted son is doing in school.

It was a fun but fast weekend. Hope everyone had a nice weekend too.

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