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Baby apples!

The apple tree in our backyard has hundreds of baby apples starting to grow!! This looks to be our best crop since we moved in almost 3 years ago and I cannot wait to make pie, strudel, crumple, apple sauce and apple butter!! Not to mention just eating them. Yum!! Read more »


Mikel and mom, Kathy planted tomatoes in the garden today! Cherry tomatoes in red and yellow, grape tomatoes, and bigger sandwich type tomatoes! They’re going to be delicious!! Read more »

Prepping the garden

We got a late start gardening this year because of all the rain we’ve been having, but we finally had a sunny day, so we got out and rototilled our garden beds today to get them ready for planting! We added lime and manure to enrich the soil, and tilled in last fall’s leaves which had been composting all winter. Read more »

Future Granddad’s birthday

Today we met up with Odessa’s father, stepmom, and brother for her dad’s 66th birthday, and had lunch at a local restaurant together, then went to a park together to walk off the amazing blackberry-strawberry cobbler we all couldn’t resist! Much of the conversation was about Mikel’s new job, and our Read more »

Travelling for work

I’ve got another work trip to visit my team in the Philippines scheduled (I go a couple times a year) and it’s the first trip since we started this adoption journey.  I find myself wondering if an expectant mom might reach out while I’m there, and worrying about how I would handle that. But the awesome Read more »

Home Study Approved!

Today we got our official home study approval letter, and all of this became finally real. Our hearts are full of hope and excitement at the chance to see a dream realized after decades of waiting. Read more »

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