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Our Story

Our life revolves around our home, our dogs, and our friends and family.
Weekday evenings are often spent visiting with Mikel's mom, Kathy, or grilling dinner in the summer. Weekends are most often spent at home, working on projects improving our home, or yard, or organizing some room in the house.

During the summer in the Seattle area, the days get super long (the sun sets around 10-11pm for a while), and we like to get out and go camping or fishing during those times. This year, we have also planned a long weekend trip to a beach house on the Oregon coast with another couple, where we will play board games and watch the waves roll in.

Our background:
We met online, and talked for about two months before we actually met in person. On our first date, we got Teriyaki and went to Build a Bear where Mikel got a Captain America bear and Odessa opted for one with pink and purple hearts. Mikel joked that the bear would remind Odessa of him so she would want to go out again, and he was totally right!

We were inseparable right away, spending weekends together watching the Seahawks and cooking new foods. Odessa took him to the Salmon Days festival in Issaquah, and Mikel introduced her to his love of standup comedy.

We both adopted rescue puppies, and after 3 years together we purchased a home in Lynnwood and later were married in our backyard.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a family oriented neighborhood, walking distance from the city rec center, the library, and the brand new elementary school. Our home is a one story, and has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Our favorite place in our house is our backyard which has a huge willow tree, an apple tree, and our garden. It's also where we were married!

About Mikel

adoptive family photo - Mikel I grew up in Great Falls, Montana. I was raised as an only child (my older half-sister was already grown when I was born), and my parents were married 42 years before my father passed away in 2017. Both of my parents came from big close-knit families, and many of my cousins are as close as siblings to me.

I have always enjoyed geek culture, like comic books, Lego, and video games, but I also love the outdoors, and spend time in the summer fishing and camping.

My favorite foods include Swedish meatballs, steak, and pickles. I graduated high school in 1996 and joined the Army while earning my Associate's degree at Montana State University.

About Odessa

adoptive family photo - Odessa I grew up in Bellevue, Washington. I have an older sister and a younger half-brother. My parents divorced when I was 3, but remained good parenting partners even after both remarried.

I love gardening, baking, and playing fetch in the back yard with my dog, Riker.

My favorite foods include blueberries, costco cake, and tacos. I graduated college in 2005, with my Bachelor's in Computer Engineering, but ended up working in Supply Chain for aerospace companies. Today, I manage a team of 24 people who buy the parts to make airplane bathrooms. We like to joke that it's not a glamorous job, but it's pretty essential!

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Mikel & Odessa

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