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Mikel & Odessa
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Now that we've found one another, our only missing puzzle piece is a baby to add to our fun and loving family.

Dear expectant parent,

We are Mikel and Odessa, and we and all of our friends and family are overjoyed that we are planning to grow our family through adoption. Both of our mothers live very close, and are already discussing how to divide baby-sitting duties once we go back to work (secretly, I think they wish we would need them more than 4 days a week!). They've adopted the nickname 'The Grandmas' and it definitely suits them.

Our immediate family today consists of the two of us and our rescue dogs (Mara and Riker) who are also very excited to have a human sibling. They're very gentle, small dogs who enjoy being snuggled and cuddled, as well as running around our big backyard.

Our home is full of laughter (Mikel is definitely the funny one), love, and fun, and we have known that we would become parents through adoption since the very beginning of our relationship. After learning of her infertility at age 15, Odessa has always known that adoption would be her plan, and Mikel has embraced this just as fully.

Our hope and goal is that you find the right path for you and your baby, whatever that might be. If that includes giving us the chance to parent, we would be proud to raise your child to know your story, and to be a strong, independent, resilient and compassionate person.

We hope you will take a look at the rest of our story and get to know us a bit better. We can't wait to hear from you!

Mikel and Odessa

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Who We Are

We met online, and talked for about two months before we actually met in person. On our first date, we got Teriyaki and went to Build a Bear where Mikel got a Captain America bear and Odessa opted for one with pink and purple hearts. Mikel joked that the bear would remind Odessa of him so she want to go out again, and he was totally right!

We were inseparable right away, spending weekends together watching the Seahawks and cooking new foods. Odessa took him to the Salmon Days festival in Issaquah, and Mikel introduced her to his love of standup comedy.

We both adopted rescue puppies, and after 3 years together we purchased a home in Lynnwood and later were married in our backyard.

Our life revolves around our home, our dogs, and our friends and family.
Weekday evenings are often spent visiting with Mikel's mom, Kathy, or grilling dinner in the summer. Weekends are most often spent at home, working on projects improving our home, or yard, or organizing some room in the house.

During the summer in the Seattle area, the days get super long (the sun sets around 10-11pm for a while), and we like to get out and go camping or fishing during those times. This year, we have also planned a long weekend trip to a beach house on the Oregon coast with another couple, where we will play board games and watch the waves roll in.

Adoption Diary

Prepping the garden

We got a late start gardening this year because of all the rain we’ve been having, but we finally had a sunny day, so we got out and rototilled our garden beds today to get them ready for planting! We added lime and manure to enrich the soil, and tilled in last fall’s leaves which had been composting all winter.

Next week we will put up the bean trellis we built last year, and start planting seeds!

Future Granddad’s birthday

Today we met up with Odessa’s father, stepmom, and brother for her dad’s 66th birthday, and had lunch at a local restaurant together, then went to a park together to walk off the amazing blackberry-strawberry cobbler we all couldn’t resist!

Much of the conversation was about Mikel’s new job, and our process to adopt. They are all super excited and looking for ways to understand and help us, which is so heartwarming.  They all live about 40 minutes away, and have been looking for a home closer to us to be more involved and available as we raise our family.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Mikel & Odessa

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Mikel & Odessa