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To Someone Special,

We are Beau and Brooke and we have dreamed of becoming parents ever since we met. Our hearts are open and ready for the new possibility of becoming parents, and being able to share our family values of love, respect, kindness, faith and hard work. We would consider ourselves so blessed to adopt your child and have both of you become part of our family. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and see the love and fun opportunities we have to share.

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Who We Are

Beau and I were lucky enough to meet through a mutual friend. I got a phone call one night, from a friend and she invited me to come over and make gingerbread houses with her and a few other friends. I was a little hesitant, but I decided it sounded like fun, so I went. When I first met Beau, I immediately realized that I knew his brother from some other friends, so the whole night I kept calling him his brother’s name. (Poor Beau). At the end of the night he asked for my number and I gave it to him, not knowing if I would hear from him. I had recently broken up with a previous boyfriend and so I felt like my heart needed time to heal. A few days later he called me and asked me out. I will admit we went on a few dates and I was always so unsure, yet he was so patient and always willing to support me and let me figure things out.
We dated for a year or so and we finally decided to get married! We were SO excited because we were best friends! We got married on June 15th, 2012 for time and all eternity. It was by far one of our best days!! As the years followed, we tried to have a family on our own, but it just wasn’t happening. We have come to realize that our family was meant to start a different way! We started praying and talking to other family members who had adopted, and we knew immediately that this was the route our family was meant to take.
We’ve both dreamed of becoming parents since we were little! We love and enjoy spending time with our many nieces and nephews! As we have had many late-night discussions about our family, we are so excited about the experiences we have to offer a child.
We both were raised on farms and grew up raising animals. We have learned many life lessons through raising sheep, cows, dogs, cats, pheasants, horses and having to help change the water on crops. This life style has molded us into the people we are today, and we are forever grateful for the lessons we learned! We cherish the moments we got to spend with our dads in the tractor or baking with our moms in the kitchen. We look forward to the many wonderful memories we will get to create with the future family we are given! We have so much love to give and so many fun stories about the things we have learned! We hope to get to share those with you and your family!

Adoption Diary

Memorial Day Weekend

One of our favorite weekends of the year! Memorial Day! For us it means the beginning of camping season and summer! It also means school is coming to a close for Brooke!  We look forward each year to going camping. This has been something we have done since before we were married and it’s one of the traditions we carry on each year! We started planning back in March with family members and friends.  All of the planning paid off because we had an epic weekend! We were a little nervous because it has rained every day and we knew it would be muddy, but that didn’t stop us!
I could talk about this forever; however, I don’t want to bore you with every single little detail! Some of the highlights of the trip I’d say were definitely being muddy! It didn’t rain as much as expected which was good! We went riding, got square ice cream in the local town nearby, went and saw the lake/dam and saw how much water was being released, we ate a lot of food, did a puzzle, laughed until we cried and started planning our next adventure for a few weeks from now! We love being outdoors and feel at home! Go check out our album “Our Life” for the highlights of the trip!


This past week, Beau and I and our 2 nieces Tess and Emma got to go pick out our fainting goats! We have been looking for these specific kind of goats for a while now! A few days ago, we happened on a local Facebook post and we found someone who was selling some babies! We jumped on it immediately and got a time to go pick them out!!! We knew they would be small because they were babies, but some of them were just born a few days ago and they were tiny! Words can’t describe how much fun we had watching them twist and jump!
Our decision was a tough one! We had 15 babies to choose from and in the words of our niece Emma, she wanted to take them all! I won’t lie, the thought crossed my mind! We stayed around 2 hours looking and talking with the owner. We got to get in on bottle feeding times, it was SO much fun! We ended up picking a male and a female.  I had names of my own I thought I might want to use, but the owner had cute little names for each of them and they knew their name already, so we decided they seemed to fit and kept them.  The little male’s name is Kowie and the female’s name is Tippy.  Kowie is black and white and has a ton of spunky personality! He loved to climb all over Beau, it was hilarious! Tippy is petite and very calm and gentle.  She is brown and has a tail that has a tip of white, hence the name Tippy! We won’t be able to bring them to our house for a few months because they are so small, but the owner said we are welcome to come and visit them until then, which we most definitely will! The picture below is Beau with his favorite, Kowie! Kowie loves to climb! Check out the album “Our Life” for more pictures of the goats!

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Beau and Brooke

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