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Birth Mom’s

A few weeks ago I went to volunteer at a Birth Mom celebration to honor all the Birth Mom’s that have placed their babies for adoption. Every year they put on this luncheon and Spa day for the Birth Mom’s to recognize them and help them feel loved and appreciated. I was so honored to be able to go and talk with several of the Birth Mom’s that had placed. I am so grateful for birth Mom’s and that they are able to sacrifice so much to give a family a baby to love. I will never be able to thank Read more »

Just the 3 of us

Parker’s adoption was finalized when he was seven months old. I remember what an exciting day that was to make it official. Parker was officially apart of our family now. We were able to have him sealed to us in the temple and also have him blessed at church too. When Parker was 10 months old I got divorced. The boys Read more »

Open Adoption is a blessing

Before we adopted Parker we made a promise to his Birth Mom that we would have an open adoption. We promised we would send her pictures of Parker, updates of him. We also said we would text, email, call, and let her visit whenever she wanted to. I didn’t know much about open adoption at the time, it wasn’t as big Read more »

Best Buddies

I have always thought how God blessed me so much sending Parker to our family when he did. I still can’t believe how quickly we got our Parker. It was amazing to be on the adoption website for only four short months and then to find out that we were going to get a baby. I didn’t know at the time that it was a Read more »

Birth Mom Letter

Dear Friend, We want you to know that we pray for you and your baby every night, that we will be guided to find each other. We know that is a hard decision you’re facing right now choosing the right home for your child. We know that if you pray about it the spirit will guide and direct you to find the right home for Read more »

Parker’s Adoption Story

When Jayden was about one years old we decided it was time to start the adoption process. We weren’t in a huge hurry since Jayden was only one at the time. We met with LDS Family Services and found out what we needed to do in order to adopt a baby. They gave us all the adoption paper work and it was time to get started. Read more »

Mohawk Red Head

Jayden was born completely bald. He remained bald until he was about six months old. The one thing I really really wanted to pass on to him was my red hair. I knew how hard it was to get a red head and I really wanted one. When his peach fuzz started coming in it looked red, but it was hard to tell. I wasn’t a 100% Read more »

High Risk Pregnancy

I would go through this pregnancy all over in a heartbeat knowing that I got an adorable baby at the end of it. I never felt like giving up or this was too hard to go through, I was so determined to get my baby that I just endured it to the end. My pregnancy started off pretty normal at first. About a month into it I had to Read more »

I Always Knew Adoption Was the Journey to Grow Our Family

Ever since I was little I always knew that I would probably have to adopt someday and that I wouldn’t be able to have my own kids. I always just accepted that and was fine with it. I was born with a heart condition and at two months old I had to have open heart surgery to put in a mechanical mitral valve. I always had a Read more »

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I created a blog about my adoption journey and growing our family.

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