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Ethan & Jami

We have waited patiently and trusted in God for many years knowing there is a special spirit waiting to join our family.

Hi we are Ethan and Jami from Mesa Arizona. We have two sons Jayden who is 12 and almost in 7th grade and Parker who is 10 and almost in 5th grade. We met in June 2017 and were married in October 2017. Jami brought these two adorable boys to the marriage and Ethan became an instant dad. Jami has waited for ten years since she adopted Parker knowing she wanted to add to her family again someday. We are so excited to grow our family together through adoption. Jayden and Parker would be the best big brothers.

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Who We Are

Ethan and I were set up on a blind date in June 2017 from our parents. They had been trying to set us up for awhile and we finally decided to give it a try. We hit it off that night and never looked back. We moved forward quickly after that date. We got engaged in August 2017 and started building our home together shortly after that. We were married on October 2017 and sealed in the Gilbert Temple a few months ago in January 2019. The boys are so excited to have a dad in the home. They adore Ethan. He is such an involved and loving dad.

Adoption Diary

Birth Mom’s

A few weeks ago I went to volunteer at a Birth Mom celebration to honor all the Birth Mom’s that have placed their babies for adoption. Every year they put on this luncheon and Spa day for the Birth Mom’s to recognize them and help them feel loved and appreciated. I was so honored to be able to go and talk with several of the Birth Mom’s that had placed. I am so grateful for birth Mom’s and that they are able to sacrifice so much to give a family a baby to love. I will never be able to thank Parker’s birth Mom enough for the gift she gave us ten years ago. I learned a lot talking to the birth Mom’s. They all said that they knew which home and family their baby was suppose to go to. They were guided by the spirit in each placement. I had to question them because sometimes I loose faith in this process. They reassured me and gave me the faith that when it is right the birth Mom will be directed to you. I have been reading a book called, “Divine Signatures.” My friend recommended it to me because she understands the adoption process and the feelings we have as adoptive parents. The adoption process is not easy and I definitely have felt a roller coaster of emotions through it. This book has helped me gain an even deeper understanding of God’s tender mercies upon the earth. At times he blesses our lives in such a unique way directed specifically to us. It’s almost as if God signs the blessing from God and gives it to us. I have read story after story in this book of amazing miracles and tender mercies that there is no doubt that these blessings were from God. Sometimes when I loose hope or wonder if God hears my prayers I have to think back to all the tender mercies in my life. I need to remember Parker’s sweet adoption story and how his birth Mom was guided all along and knew which family he was suppose to go to. She said she kept seeing our faces over and over in her mind and she just knew. I know without a doubt that he will bless us in this adoption process and guide us to the right birth Mom when the time is right. I feel like when we get our sweet baby we will know that God had his hands in this work the whole time and made it all come together. I just need to sit back and enjoy the ride and trust in his timing. “Be Still and know that I am God.”

Just the 3 of us

Parker’s adoption was finalized when he was seven months old. I remember what an exciting day that was to make it official. Parker was officially apart of our family now. We were able to have him sealed to us in the temple and also have him blessed at church too. When Parker was 10 months old I got divorced. The boys were so little, Jayden was three years old and Parker was ten months old. I was single for eight long years. The only thing that got me through was having my two boys by my side, it was just the three of us. We lived in Queen Creek for eight years and loved our neighborhood, home and ward. I tried to stay hopeful that this situation wasn’t forever and that someday I would get remarried and have more children. It was really tough seeing everyone around me moving on with their life and growing their family. It was hard to go on facebook and see everyone’s exciting news of getting married, remarried, getting pregnant and the gender reveal. I tried to be happy for them but inside it hurt so bad. I felt stuck and that I couldn’t progress in my life because I wasn’t married. I wanted to have more kids so badly. I couldn’t even get myself to go to any baby showers for the longest time. I wanted to get remarried so bad so that I could have a loving husband and Father for my children, and so that I could adopt more children. Along the way LDS Services also decided they weren’t doing adoptions anymore either. That was a very sad and hard day for me. I felt hopeless and wondered how would I ever be able to adopt again. Going through LDS Services to adopt Parker was like a dream. It was so easy and smooth and it hardly cost us anything. I couldn’t believe when they stopped doing the adoptions.I called them a few times asking what couples would do now and how they would help, they didn’t really have any answers. I remained hopeful that someday I would get remarried and someday I would be adopt again even if it was through another way. I never gave up and was always asking people how they adopted or what route they chose. Finding other options gave me hope for the future, enough hope to move forward and not give up on building our family. I finally found an affordable way to adopt and I had it all planned out so that when I met my husband I was ready to move forward with the plan.

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Ethan & Jami

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Ethan & Jami