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Our Story

Our first date was to a NBA basketball game. We still have the game ticket and have it framed! We are supportive of each other and rely on each other’s strengths. In 2004, we married and bought or first home. In the first 10 years of marriage, we traveled, spent time with family and friends, supported each other in our careers, and even lived at the beach.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our life is full of family time. During the week, we have work, school, dance class, play dates, meetings, errands, dinner preparation, and getting to sleep at a good time. During the weekends, we like to walk around the neighborhood, chalk draw on the driveway, and go to the park. We go to kid-friendly movies and shows when they are in our city. We have been taking vacation to the beach each summer and renting a beach house. Both Bryan and Lacey’s families live close by. Vivian loves spending time with her cousins and there are many fun memories of birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, Thanksgiving feasts, and family reunions. We always look forward to spending family time together every year. Holiday celebrations are full of fun, decorating desserts, opening presents, and laughter.

About Bryan

adoptive family photo - Bryan Bryan is an attorney who loves sports, music, gardening, and books. He can fix anything, like watches, and is always fixing things around the house. Bryan has completed many triathlons and enjoys running, swimming, and playing piano.

About Lacey

adoptive family photo - Lacey Lacey is organized and loves cooking with her family. She is typically late wherever she goes! Lacey loves antique items and collects vintage jewelry.

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