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Our Story

Chris and I where set up on a blind date. I had the upper hand because I had been shown pictures and was told all about Chris. Where as Chris was going in blind. We went on our first date and I left the date thinking it went miserably until he called hours later asking if I wanted to come back and watch the world cup with him that night. We had a blast learning quickly that we both had a love for sports and the outdoors. We have been married 17 years in December.
We enjoy spending time with our kids helping coach and participate in all their various activities. When we are not on a field or court you will often find us at the lake water skiing or camping.
We are very active in our church and in our community. We know everyone that lives in our town and couldn't ask for a better place to raise our kids.

Our Home

We were fortunate enough to build a beautiful home on an acre in Paris Idaho. We live just 10 minutes from the great Bear lake. We live a block down from the elementary school that the kids attend that allows them to walk or ride their bikes to school. We live in an area where we often get wild life like deer and moose wondering through our yards on a weekly bases. Having a large yard makes it possible to have lots of outdoor toys like a sand box, trampoline and pool.
We have enjoyed being able to entertain with the open space we have and will always have an open door policy for anyone that comes to our home.

About Chris from Rachel

adoptive family photo - Chris from Rachel Chris is an Idaho State Trooper. He has been an officer for 12 years moving within the agency from trooper,
detective,swat,and now resident trooper.

Chris is an amazing father who is one hundred percent hands on. When our twins where little there wasn't one night that he did not get up and help with the feedings and nightly duties. Things have not changed as the kids have gotten older. He loves to volunteer to be their coach in everything from basketball,softball and baseball. He will set up special date nights for each of the kids and make sure it's tailored to their interest.

Chris is known for his kindness and honesty. He has integrity and will help those who need it. Chris is a people person and can truly make a friend wherever he goes.

Fun fact:
-Sports fanatic
-Learned to slalom ski at the age 28
-served mission in Georgia
-loves movies

About Rachel from Chris

adoptive family photo - Rachel from Chris Rachel is the glue that holds our family together. She is patient beyond what I can put in words. When we had our twins our youngest at the time was only a year old. So we had three one and under and Rachel never complained, was never stressed, and really was the essence of what a mother is and should be.

Rachel will bend over backwards to serve others. She is selfless and full of love and respect.

Fun facts
-Plays Piano
-Coaches middle school volleyball and track
-moved 34 times
-loves hiking

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Rachel&Chris; Call or text any time day or night!!!

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Rachel&Chris; Call or text any time day or night!!!