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We met when Fay was visiting Seattle, Washington to attend an exhibit on natural horse training. We clicked right from the start and it was not long before we became a couple. We have been married over 14 years and have built a solid relationship. We are having the times of our lives with Benjamin and can't wait to expand our family!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in the beautiful state of North Carolina. Our town has several shops that are very charming. At Christmas time, the entire downtown transforms into a magical place with lights and decorations. Our neighborhood is safe and has many excellent schools, playgrounds and churches. Horses are a large part of the community and there is always a horse show to attend. our horse Tango lives in a pasture very close to our house. We often walk with Benjamin in the evenings to take Tango his carrots. We are looking forward to watching our next child enjoying the experience of feeding Tango as well.

About Fay (Through Sean's Eyes)

adoptive family photo - Fay  (Through Sean's Eyes) I love Fay for her loving compassionate nature. She is the ultimate mom, athletic and energetic. whether it is kicking around a soccer ball, building with blocks or visiting the horses, Benjamin always has a great time. Fay is self-employed and sets her own schedule so she can spend as much time with Benjamin as possible. She loves Saturday cartoons, playing with toy race cars and blowing bubbles each day for Benjamin. I know she will be so happy to welcome another child into our family.

About Sean (Through Fay's Eyes)

adoptive family photo -  Sean  (Through Fay's Eyes) Sean is an incredibly supportive and caring husband who always puts family first. His job is very family friendly and he has lots of time off for activities, doctors appointments and travel. He is a very dedicated dad who loves playing hide and seek as well as reading books and building monster trucks with Legos. I know he can't wait for another child to love!

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Fay & Sean

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Fay & Sean