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Our Dogs

We currently have a 14 year old westie named Kia.  She is great with kids and acts like a little mother in her own right always following my nieces, nephews, and former foster kiddo around.  Many of our pictures have two westies.  While creating our profile book for adoption, our forever puppy Kody passed away at 12 years old.  So, Kody is still in our profile book and on our webpage, as it should be.  He will always be a part of our family, and our future children are going to know what a source of joy and comfort he was while waiting for them to become a part of our lives.

About This Diary

Hi! We are Michelle & Brent. Thanks for stopping by our adoption diary. Here you will find info about life, adoption, and our family. We look forward to hearing from you to explore if we might be a potential match for your child. Wishing you all the best, Michelle & Brent

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Hello, we are Brent & Michelle

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Hello, we are Brent & Michelle