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1st day of school and new furniture

  • 1st day
  • All in black
  • Look how big my backpack is!
  • Silly faces!
  • Waiting for the bus
  • New recliner for daddy
  • New couch
  • Alex got mommy and daddys old bed

Back to school shopping

  • L
  • B
  • Lunch date, Alex chose Five Guys

End of summer fun!

  • Day at amusement park
  • A friend to ride roller coasters with
  • Hanging with a buddy for the afternoon
  • Dancing in the car
  • Lunch dates!
  • Daddy and Alex got hair cuts!
  • Lemonade + Iced tea = yummy
  • Getting desk ready for school work!
  • Shopping for a new couch, Alex likes to press all the buttons!

Fair and Concert

  • County fair, Alex won a prize
  • Haunted mansion ride, same as when daddy was little!
  • Watching piglet races
  • Checking out the big tractors
  • Feeding a camel
  • Darci Lynn concert
  • Alex loved her puppet Oscar the best!

Family Day

  • Daddy and Alex first fishing trip
  • Alex caught his first fishy!
  • So excited to try fishing!
  • Making first fire of the year
  • Burning up branches cut down
  • Burned very hot with all the leaves!
  • Roasting marshmallows!
  • Yummy smores!
  • Flash is too bright mommy
  • Alex laying in the chair
  • Family night!

Long Beach 2019

  • Buried in the sand!
  • Climbing tree
  • Facepainting
  • Roasting pepperoni!
  • Playing in the sand
  • Spider dog!
  • Jumping in the waves
  • Beautiful sunset!
  • Amazing sand castle

Alex 5-6

  • Alex likes patriots to tease daddy!
  • 1st bus to prep for kindergarden!
  • 2017  long beach
  • Family Christmas 2017
  • Xmas eve
  • Alex loves the goblin king from Labrynth
  • Swim lessons
  • 2017 beach fun
  • Checking out some boats
  • Happy birthday Daddy!

Alex 4-5

  • Making cookies
  • Turning into a smurf after eating a sucker!
  • Mommy made minion pumpkins! (She likes them better than Alex)
  • I built a crazy straw!
  • Dino birthday adventure!
  • Go yankees!
  • 2015 halloween
  • family birthday party
  • 2016 long beach
  • Putt putt on a very hot day!
  • Smashing giant easter bunny
  • Buddies!

Alex turns 5 -  big party with classmates

  • Alex turns 5
  • Helping frost his cake
  • Hulk cake!
  • Singing
  • Cousin driving around
  • Merry-go-round
  • All tuckered out on the way home
  • All the cousins on mom side

4th of July 2019

  • Chariot ride
  • Feeding a baby
  • Playing catch
  • Lounging around
  • Best dressed!
  • Lots of boat rides
  • watching fireworks

End of school fun!

  • Last day of 1st grade
  • Alex got to choose dinner location
  • Air brushed tattoos
  • Check out my muscles!
  • 3 tattoos
  • Swings
  • Daddy too
  • Alex tried a new roller coaster with daddy
  • Amusement park travels
  • Bumper cars
  • Spinning ride with mommy
  • Look what he won!
  • New favorite ride for Alex

Meeting newest cousin

  • First girl on mom side
  • Busy day...
  • Quite the climber
  • McDonalds play place on the way there
  • On a little adventure

Alex 1-2

  • Wearing daddys shoes
  • First big boy hair cut!
  • Water play of course!
  • Daddy and Alex
  • We love to read!
  • Big cheesy grin!
  • Mommy picked up a little something while shopping
  • Waking up daddy
  • Buddies
  • Tubby time, our favorite!!
  • Snuggling with blu
  • Trying cranberry sauce, yum!
  • Aunt Jamie boots

1st grade field trip

  • Checking out a nature preserve
  • What kinds of creatures live in a pond?
  • Close up of a damsel fly
  • Looking for frogs
  • Making a house for a frog or insect

Alex 1st year

  • Big boy chair!
  • Nonni (Grandma) made my hat but I do not want to wear it!
  • I love blueberries!
  • Baby push-ups!
  • Face painting at birthday party
  • Best christmas present ever!
  • Fall walk
  • I love running around in my walker!
  • Go bills!
  • 1st time trying cheese
  • Daddy shopped 4 Alex and got a new outfit, booties, hats and a stuffed animal!

Toad friend

  • Found a new friend
  • In betwwen pool and hot tub
  • Big guy!
  • Quite the jumper!

Alex age 2-3

  • Getting buried in his animals
  • Carousel at the zoo
  • Helping put together big boy bed!
  • Muddy puddles!!
  • I fit at 2 1/2 but not at 6 months!
  • Gymnastics class
  • Coloring easter eggs
  • Running the bases with daddy!

Alex age 3-4

  • Helping grampa fix our air conditioner
  • The monkey is escaping!
  • Making mothers day gifts for the 2 grandmas
  • Cookie making helper! He loves cracking eggs
  • Playing hide and seek
  • Christmas 2014
  • Happy birthday daddy!
  • Dinner for mommy's graduation
  • Mini golf!
  • I drew myself in preschool

Last year - 2018 - Age 6

  • Sleep mountain!
  • Festival of lights last year
  • Feeding swans at grandma and grandpas cottage
  • First hockey game!
  • New bunk beds at grandma and grandpas cottage!
  • Pajama party turing 7
  • 1st baseball game
  • 1st campfire at our house
  • 1st drive in
  • july 4th
  • Mastering the monkey-bars!
  • A vampire for Halloween
  • Meteor shower in middle of night!
  • 2017 xmas
  • 1st day 1st grade
  • Scouts campout
  • Let's go yankees!

What’s happening in our house - 2019 - Age 7

  • Alex likes to snuggle with daddy
  • 1st day in the hot tub this season!
  • Alex has big muscles! in the hot tub!
  • Local baseball game for cub scouts, we got to walk the field!
  • Helping daddy pull out trees from the garden
  • Hooking up the tow rope to pull out trees
  • Daddys first softball game of the season
  • Good helper spreading mulch!
  • Alex got to trim daddys beard!
  • Cheering on team-mates
  • Attending daddys baseball game, not watching!
  • It is tough going shopping with mommy!
  • Treat after art show
  • Baseball ready at 3rd base
  • RRRiding on a tractor
  • on TV!! opened new playground at summer camp
  • Face painting at a friend's party
  • Alex loves to read and be silly with the glasses
  • Day 2 was blue day for Alex
  • Coach Daddy and Alex after first soccer game!
  • Craziness with cousins!
  • With littlest cousin, can not wait to be a big brother!
  • Happy 18th Anniversary! A rare date night!
  • Smile pretty for picture day!
  • Alex gave himself a few tatoos at the club after school
  • Helping with Halloween decorations
  • Alex tried a jalapeno pepper!

1st baseball practice

  • Baseball

Coloring Easter Eggs

  • We used cool whip and food dye
  • Dyed fingers too!
  • Pretty color combinations!

Easter Fun

  • Sunday Best
  • My shopping buddy
  • Always check out the lobsters at the store
  • Snack break from shopping
  • Never ending basket from Nani and Poppi
  • Of course a silly picture!
  • Smashing his chocolate bunny
  • Love finding eggs
  • Giant chocolate Easter bunny!

STEM night at school

  • Virtual reality riding a roller coaster
  • Making a robot
  • The goldfish makes the robot move by swimming around
  • Programing a little robot to move and say tator tot!
  • Very cool magician!
  • Freezing flowers with liquid nitrogen


  • Being silly started early
  • Going to feed the fishies
  • Showing my cousins a game
  • Cousins are the best of friends
  • Muddy puddles!
  • I love school and doing homework!
  • Christmas pictures with cousins
  • Quietly reading
  • Laughing so much they kept falling off the kayak!
  • Lost my 1st tooth!
  • Alex sandwich

Sarah and Joe

  • Beautiful day
  • Cutting the cake
  • Frosting war at Joe's graduation
  • Stress relief during finals week
  • Flour war for 1st date!
  • NYC vacation
  • We love hanging out

Finally a family!

  • 1st family photo
  • Best Christmas present ever
  • Big bright eyes
  • Bringing Alex home!
  • Leaving the hospital
  • Officially a family

At play

  • Pacifier?!
  • Ready for work
  • Mr Serious
  • The Big Bad Wolf?
  • Furry big brother
  • Haircut fun
  • Mommy woke up to this one morning!
  • I love doing science experiments
  • Bubble fun in mommy's tubby
  • 100th day at school
  • Rock climbing at my cousin's
  • Biking machine!


  • Beach boy!
  • Building a sand castle
  • Getting some exercise!
  • Love my new hairdo?
  • Watching the waves
  • Kayaking at Grandma and Grandpa cottage

Fun with Grandparents

  • Nonni and Poppi
  • Grandma and Grandpa
  • Love Grandpa's tractor
  • Reading a story
  • I'm Superman!
  • Mother's day lunch

Daddy and Alex

  • Cutting the grass
  • Daddy the superhero
  • Uncle Mike wedding
  • Fun at the beach
  • Christmas party
  • Daddys little helper
  • Family lego building
  • Oh no, the Hulk!
  • Getting ready for Easter Sunday
  • Happy Valentine's Day!

Mommy and Alex

  • Helping mom study
  • Waiting to see Santa
  • Gingerbread house at school
  • My Valentine Date!
  • At the zoo
  • Movie time
  • 1st bus ride
  • Fall festival tractor ride
  • Checking out some buffalo!
  • Pumpkin farm tilt-a-whirl

Fun Activities

  • Baseball with Daddy
  • Picking Strawberries
  • Finding a frog in the pool
  • Pumpkin Farm
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • My Baseball Team  - Diamondbacks
  • Swim Lessons
  • Drum set for graduation
  • Daddy soccer game

School Days

  • Favorite Teacher, Miss Amanda
  • Pre-K Graduation
  • First Day of Kindergarden
  • Heading to School

1st day of school and new furniture

1st day
All in black
Look how big my backpack is!
Silly faces!
Waiting for the bus
New recliner for daddy
New couch
Alex got mommy and daddys old bed

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