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Alex joined our family through adoption in 2011! Getting the phone call when he was born changed our lives in so many ways. There have been many more smiles, and so much laughter in our house since that day. Making people laugh and being silly is what Alex enjoys best, quickly taking after his daddy. He has brought immeasurable joy to our lives, far beyond anything that we could have ever imagined. It has been so incredible enjoying life's adventures and learning new things through the eyes of a child.

Alex is a very sweet boy and very caring about others. He notices when classmates and friends are sick and asks about it. If someone gets hurt, he is very sensitive to their discomfort.

When Alex started school, he quickly made many friends and grew to love playing with everyone. Now, he gravitates toward shy kids, wanting to help them make friends and have fun.

Alex is very inquisitive. He sees things and asks lots of questions. He is also fascinated with how to say things in different languages. Each night we "Ask Google" questions. His brain is a sponge, learning things quickly and gaining as much information as he can. He cannot wait to share that knowledge with a sibling.

Alex loves teaching his cousins things he has learned. Some of the cousins are younger and Alex is very good with them and very eager to help out. They all play very well together!

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about if he can have a sibling. It is not a secret that Alex is adopted. He knows mommy could not grow a baby in her belly, and that it was a very special lady named Tahra. While he does not fully understand yet, we answer all the questions he asks. She will always have a very special place in our hearts.

Alex believes he would be a great big brother and we agree! He is so loving, nurturing and caring. He gets excited when talking about sharing his toys and books with a little brother or sister, which he already does with everyone at every possible opportunity. We all cannot wait for him to have a sibling and to add another special child to our family!

About us...
We met during our sophomore year in college, where we lived around the corner from each other in the same dorm. Our first date was making cookies for Sarah's family for Thanksgiving. We got into a flour war! After dating for a year, Sarah transferred for her last 2 years of college to a different school, several hours away. At first, a long distance relationship was a struggle for us. Because of this, we feel that we learned better communication skills which continue to strengthen our relationship. Absence definitely did make our hearts grow fonder!

After asking Sarah's parents permission, Joe proposed on a beach during our annual family vacation that included lots of extended family. We were married six years to the day after we started dating. We had a wedding party of fifteen to include siblings, extended family and friends who are now like family. Most of the guests said our beach themed wedding was the best that they had ever attended! It was a wonderful celebration of our love with the people who mean so much to both of us! We just celebrated our seventeenth anniversary last year. It is so hard to believe sometimes - "Time flies when you are having fun!"

Sarah is shy....Joe is very outgoing. Joe can make quick decisions....Sarah sits back and analyzes things first. Our personalities balance each other out quite nicely. Opposites attract....and that seems to be a very true statement for us!

We have matured together, learning from each other. We love each other more with each passing day that we are together. Having fun and making each other smile is always our top priority! We enjoy just spending time together, as a couple or with Alex, watching TV, reading in bed, traveling or spending time with friends and family.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a home in a very family oriented neighborhood with a wonderful backyard and a finished basement which we have turned into a playroom. We chose this area due to its top rated schools and a great playground within walking distance. Alex loves the monkey-bars! Our school district has been like a large extended family, with many close knit friends and families who are a part of it. We look forward to raising our family in this wonderful community. We also live close to the library, zoo, museums, art galleries and theaters.


adoptive family photo - Sarah Joe's thoughts on Sarah...

To know Sarah is to love her. Her kind and gentle heart, caring nature, willingness to always try and help wherever she can, is why I fell in love with her. She treasures her friendships and is willing to do anything she can to help our friends and family.

Sarah's favorite hobby is baking. She loves being in the kitchen and trying new recipes for cookies, cakes or desserts! Much of what she bakes, she gives away to allow others to enjoy. Nothing puts s smile on her face like seeing someone enjoy her efforts.

For as long as I have known her, over 23 years now, Sarah has always been the one people go to for advice and counseling on anything from relationships to cooking. She is easy to talk to and is an amazing listener.

No one that I know has more natural motherly instincts than Sarah. Whenever any of our friends come over Sarah brings out a basket of toys and sits on the floor to play with them. She has also created little outdoor games for the kids. Our friends always say there is no one they would rather spend time watching their children than Sarah!

Sarah has always dreamt of being able to stay at home and raise our family. I can not think of anyone I would rather be the mother of my children than Sarah!


adoptive family photo - Joe Sarah's thoughts on Joe...

Being lucky to find my best friend and my soulmate, is one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. We are such a great compliment to each other. Joe is always there to try and put a smile on my face.

Throughout the years we have been together, Joe has always been there for me, on the phone or in person. Struggles with infertility that we have endured have taught us what a strong and loving relationship that we are so lucky to have. Even though we have been together for so long I am still learning little things that keep me on my toes! He fits so well into my family it is as if he has been there forever!

Joe has stayed close with several friends from his childhood (that is unusual for women, much less men!). We have an amazing group of friends that have become "extended family" and are so much fun to be around! When we get together, we are always guaranteed lots of fun and laughter! (They are Alex' honorary Aunts and Uncles). To see Joe with these long standing relationships, I realize how important these relationships are to him. He is also a great friend to have. If one of them needs something he is always there whenever possible. He is very welcoming to newcomers, always including them and making them smile. He really loves entertaining and being the life of a party!

Joe is an incredibly amazing father. He is very patient, always listening and helping him and friend's kids whenever he can. Playing games, reading books, running around and generally making kids laugh is so much fun to watch! Hearing a child laugh is one of the best sounds!

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Sarah, Joe and Alex - We look forward to getting to know you!

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Sarah, Joe and Alex - We look forward to getting to know you!