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Our Story

We were introduced through a mutual friend at work. The first time for us to meet was at church. David claims our first date was to see a movie. Christi, however, tends to disagree as it was a free movie showing sponsored by our employer! We noticed very early on that we liked the same activities, had similar interests, shared the same faith and enjoyed each other’s company. We dated a little over a year before David's thoughtful, unique and family filled proposal.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a one-story home in a quaint, older neighborhood. David picked out this home for the wooded view from the sun room. Recently we have enjoyed seeing wildlife up close in our back yard that don't seem to mind being close to us. You can find us outdoors watching the various types of birds that come to eat out of David's bird feeders. We have friendly neighbors and live just a few blocks away from one of the best elementary schools in town. Our larger community is nature friendly with various walking trails and bike paths that are close to our home. We look forward to being able to enjoy the numerous parks scattered throughout our city with our child. We believe our cozy nest creates a warm welcome and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to become parents and to share our home with our child.

About David

adoptive family photo - David Meet David through Christi's eyes... David is one of the most genuinely kind people that I know and blessed to call him my best friend. He is slow to anger, patient and sensitive to others' thoughts and feelings. I know that this will serve us well when we welcome a baby into our home. He often looks for the best in people and has a heart for those less fortunate. His thoughtfulness shines through regularly as I'm one lucky girl to be on the receiving end of frequent compliments and verbal affirmations of my worth and importance to him. I am excited to watch David model patience, kindness and love needed as we begin our family. David is an extremely hard worker and is fiercely loyal to his commitments, including our relationship. He works hard but also likes to play hard and enjoy life.

About Christi

adoptive family photo - Christi Meet Christi through David's eyes...Christi is the most generous person I've known in my life. She loves to give of her talents, especially when it comes to baking and care-giving. She is the perfect aunt for 20+ nieces and nephews in our family, always having fun with them and looking for ways to spend time with them. She particularly enjoys "cousin camp" every year in which she helps organize fun and creative activities. Her love is shared not only with her family but through her work as a nurse as well. She has a big, giving heart that her patients get to experience daily. She is always encouraging me to be a better person and is quick to support my work endeavors. I know in my heart that Christi will be a great mom to our child and I have no doubt that she will create a wonderful home for our new family.

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