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Erica Michelle
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Educated, Caring, Successful Woman Hoping to Adopt from Special Someone

Hello all,

My name is Erica and for as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to adopt. Literally. From ages 10-14, I used to create monthly essays or PowerPoint presentations to try to convince my parents to adopt me a sibling. My mom says when I was even younger, I would ask my aunt if I could take home my baby cousins. In my later teen years, I volunteered a lot with the nursery in my church, in addition to babysitting and leading a Girl Scouts tenderfoot group. In college, I began my education to become an elementary educator. And during my college breaks, I've volunteered in orphanages all over the world (America, Peru, India, Zambia, and Zimbabwe).

Now that I own my own home, I have also opened my heart and door to children in foster care - in addition to a plethora of foster "fur babies" - though I plan to take a break from fostering children for awhile after adoption so I can take the newest family member's needs and feelings in consideration.

This lifelong love of children and the innate ability and desire to love children that are not biologically mine are both qualities that I believe set me apart from many potential adoptive parents. If you agree and want to know more about me and the kind of life I can offer your little one, please read my other blog posts and/or visit my website - adoptionsfirstoption.com

I would like to end by giving your child the same promise my dad gave me growing up: "You may go to bed angry, but you'll never doubt you're loved."

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to connect with you soon.

All the best,

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Who I Am

The things I value most in life are family, freedom, friends, and philanthropy. These values are reflected in my hobbies and lifestyle.

For example, my days range from hosting sleepovers for my plethora of cousins (27 in total) to writing biographies for the dogs at the local animal shelter. From having a game night with my childhood friends and schoolmates to planning my next trip abroad.

While my interests range, my favorite things to do can be summed up into reading, writing, travel, and photography (stereotypical, I know). Luckily for me, my hobbies pay. As I am currently a self-employed writer and photographer (that draws on my travels for inspiration and material), I have plenty of time and resources to devote to welcoming a new family member into my home.

Once I adopt, I plan to put my traveling and fostering on hold until the child is settled and secure in their new surroundings. However, I have no intentions of curtailing my wandering nature and animal parenting forever.
So while I have every intention to provide a safe, nurturing, and stable environment for your child, I can also guarantee they'll grow up having the adventure of a lifetime, and a lifetime of adventure.

Adoption Diary

Tidbits by Me #3

I’ve NEVER seen a full sports game, of any type, in my life. While I love hiking, rock climbing, capture the flag, etc., I have never liked or cared about organized sports. I’ve been to a total of one baseball game in my life, and I left halfway through to hangout by the snack bar. I go to Super Bowl parties for the food. And I used to run the halls of abandoned schools when I was dragged to my sister’s volleyball games. I don’t watch them on TV and I’ve never even played a sports video game. Though, once, I participated in a game of impromptu tackle football and I was fairly good at the tackling part, though I still have no conception of the rules or “point” of the game.

The picture is me and my best friend wondering what we’re doing at a sports bar that our friends dragged us to to watch some sort of sports game.

Tidbits by Me #2

I’m phenomenal at trivia questions, in large part due to my childhood television viewing habits. My dad and I had a tradition of watching nature, science, and history documentaries which continues to this day. Some of my favorites were “Meerkat Manor,” “US Presidents,” and a series on the worlds national parks. I still tend to gravitate towards the documentary section of Netflix to this day, as a result. All of this equates to me having an inordinate amount of knowledge centered around topics very few people care about.

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