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On a hot July night my younger sister met Courtney on a Thursday night at a small-town rodeo. She thought he was funny and had a great personality. She called me to come the next night to meet this man. I was very hesitant because I really was not in the mood to meet someone new. All she said was "well he's a little older and funny. Plus, he drives a red jeep!" We had a laugh and I decided to go. When I got there Courtney was not only attractive, but he was the funniest man I had ever met and very outgoing, which I find great in someone because I am very shy reserved person. He had this look in his eye that drew me in. Little did I know that Friday night my life would change forever. From that weekend on he never left my side. We grew closer and closer. We began dating and that was it, we knew we would get married. He will say that he has loved me from the moment we were introduced. I am not sure if that is true but it works for me.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our house is a three bedroom and two bath. We have a large living room and a long narrow dining room. Which is great for our long dining room table. We love to cook so it's perfect for us. We have a massive backyard for living in town. There are two pecan trees and a peach tree. Also, we have a spot in the backyard for a garden. Courtney love's having a garden, where we can get our own fresh vegetables during the summer and fall.


adoptive family photo - Tamara Hi. I'm Tamara I grew up in a small town. It is true, Friday nights were spent under stadium lights or under the stars. Especially during the fall because my dad was a high school football coach.

I am the oldest child in my family, I grew up with one sister. She is two years younger than me and has been my best friend my whole life. We are still very close, and I love spending time with her and my little nephew.

We spent a lot of time at different sporting events. This included my own practices from little league and summer league basketball and golf lessons. Sports played a big role in my life. It taught me a great deal too. I learned to be responsible, learned about the importance of teamwork, determination and patience.

My family always went on summer vacations. We spent most of those at the lake. We also traveled many various places from Washington State to Cozumel, Mexico. Growing up learning about new places was something we enjoyed together as family.

My family also owns a ranch with cows, horses, wild life and open pastures. Growing up I would spend many days in the summer at the ranch. We still spend a lot of time on the ranch with my family.

I graduated college in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual communications and then got my teaching certification. I loved drawing and coloring growing up and that is what lead me to this degree. I started as a High School English and Art teacher. I worked in this area for two years then moved to third grade. I have been teaching third grade English and Reading now for four years. I love teaching young children. Watching them learn and grow is such a blessing in my life. Building these relationships with kids has taught me so much about the type of parent I want to be.


adoptive family photo - Courtney My name is Courtney, I grew up in the West Hill Country of Texas. I grew up with my mom, dad and a half-sister, who is nine years older than me. I was just your average boy who loved being outside getting dirty. I loved playing with friends and riding my bike around town.

Baseball was a huge part of my life. I started playing when I was just four years old. I loved being out on that diamond. This became a huge passion of mine and I continued to play little league all the way through to college. This is where my dreams of going professional ended. I hurt my pitching shoulder and I could no longer throw a ball 97 mph anymore. Playing baseball has taught me so much about life.

Fishing and Hunting is something that I did with my dad and friends. I enjoyed every minute of this with him. My dad would take me to the lake, ocean, or even the creek to go fishing. In the evening I would take my little pole behind my house, down the road a little bit to a creek that ran through town. I would sit and fish till dark and go home.

Growing up we would go on the weekends to visit my grandparents. They own their own business. I would go help my grandpa at his shop. This was something that became my passion. When I got into high school, I would go stay with them in the summer to work. Being around my family was such a blessing to me.

During High School I stayed busy with baseball, tinkered a lot with my hot rod trucks and went hunting and fishing. This was my way of staying out of trouble for the most part. Haha!

I worked for the county as maintainer driver. Where I spent my days fixing farm to market roads for ranchers and farmers. I loved being in the country watching the wildlife and seeing our beautiful Texas sunrises/sunsets. I did this job for three years before I decided it was time to help my family's business. A business that has been in my family for almost 55 years. This shop is the heart of this farming community. I am still running this business today. My favorite part of my job is getting to see people and talk to them daily.

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