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Zack and Kari
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Thanks for learning about us and our journey to adopt!


Thank you for taking a few minutes to consider us as adoptive parents for your child. We look forward to talking with you and sharing more about our lives and our desire to partner with you as you go through the journey of allowing someone adopt your child. We understand that the decision you are exploring is an important one and wish you the best of luck in making the decision that is best for you and your child. Whether it be us, or another family, we sincerely hope you and your child have every opportunity in life to be healthy, happy, loved, and live the best life imaginable.

Since we met many years ago, and later married, we have been planning on growing our family and we agreed early on that adoption would be a part of our life together. While we have been trying to get pregnant on our own since getting married, adopting has always been a passion of ours because we have seen firsthand how adoption can be a blessing for children, as well as their families. Please know that adoption is not "Plan B" for us, we have known we want to adopt since before we even talked about having children of our own, and your child will be loved as if he/she is our own.

We have close relatives who were adopted, so this has been a natural part of life for us both, and we are passionate about making it a part of our life together as a family. We also got a small taste of adopting as well, as we took custody of our niece over two years ago when she was a Junior in high school. We raised her as she finished high school and helped her get accepted to a local University, where she is a freshman now, and doing great!

Adopting is important to us because we understand the impact it can make on a child and their birth family. We look forward to sharing that experience of adoption and it's rewards with you. We know adoption takes work, not just through the process but for the rest of our lives and we are committed to that.

We volunteer in our community regularly, often with organizations who work with kids. While this has given us temporary satisfaction of making an impact, it also has reinforced our belief that we want to go a step further and give a child a permanent opportunity to be happy, healthy, and grow up to realize his/her dreams and make their own positive impact on society.

We both have a large family and large network of friends (including many children) who live close to us and will be a huge part of our children's lives. Our friends and family are very excited about the possibility of us adopting and sharing in our adventure, and we hope this will give you comfort knowing your child will be surrounded by a large group of people who are loving and supportive, in addition to their parents. Your child will have countless grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends with whom he/she will grow close with and will be outstanding role models; and we are absolutely open to any level of communication and input you would like to have throughout your child's life.

Again, we appreciate your time and urge you to reach out to us. Please look through our profile on this website and reach out with any questions. We know you will find us to be great people who will raise your child with you, in a way that will make you proud. Whether or not you decide to continue this journey with us, either way, we would look forward in getting to know you.

We are excited to the opportunity to meet you and discuss our futures together.

With Gratitude,
-Zack and Kari

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Who We Are

We met over 10 years ago at work. From there we formed a great friendship and started dating 7 years ago. We were initially attracted to each other because we have similar values: We both have large families with whom we are close, we both enjoy being active and doing fun things with friends, and we both care about doing things for others who are less fortunate.
After being together 5 years, we got engaged and were married in 2018. We have fun together, we laugh together, but at the same time we keep life simple. The mutual respect and love we have for one another has made being a couple, and partners to one another, very easy.

Our free time is mostly spent together whether it’s gardening in our yard, hiking, or spending time with family and friends. In addition to that we have a passion for travel, sports and concerts. We often take weekend trips to the San Juan Islands, camping in Eastern Washington, or longer trips to California, Arizona, and even Mexico last year.
Thanks to her parents, Kari is an avid music fan and goes to several concerts per year with her girlfriends (she even invites Zack once in a while).
Zack’s first love is sports of all kinds. He grew up playing baseball, basketball and tennis, and took up golf in high school. He still plays sports regularly with his friends and has taught Kari to love the UW Huskies football team as much as he does (well, almost).

Our circle of family and friends has grown as our relationship grew. Both of us are very close with our family, and we have many close friends whom we see regularly. We both have a brother and sister, all whom have kids (8 nieces and nephews between the ages of 2 and 21, we are also excited to meet our ninth niece who will be arriving in July), and they all live close to us, along with our parents. We have a large network of friends who live close and have kids as well, and we get together with them at least a couple times a month as well for various occasions.

We live in Zack's hometown, outside of Seattle. It is a cute city not far from the beach and has everything we need. We spend a lot of time walking around town, enjoying the beaches and parks, restaurants and shops. Our town is our home and we envision living here and raising a family here forever.
A year ago we brought a puppy into our lives. Otev is a labradoodle and is a blast to be around. He has taken to training very well and is very well-behaved. It’s amazing how much he loves people and children of all sorts, he has been nothing but friendly and happy since we got him. In a few years we are going to train him to be a therapy dog and take him to retirement centers so he can lift the spirits of elderly people in our neighborhood.

Our children will be raised in an environment that values education, health, hard-work, community involvement, and fun! We envision our life with children to be one where our children are raised happy and healthy, who are loved and supported, who do their best in school, and who are respectful of those around them and from different cultures.
Our children will be given every opportunity to succeed and will be supported when they fail. They will grow up to be respectful, compassionate and kind adults who contribute positively to their community. Our children will understand that everyone grows up with different stories and backgrounds and those differences are what makes us all unique and special.

Adoption Diary

We have a NEW NIECE

Born on 7/10, she came into this world super speedy!
She was 8 days late, but healthier than ever. You might remember by adorable pregnant sister in law from my post about our girls weekend. Well, time flew. And now Baby Alice is here.
We brought her a cake, candle and dinner to celebrate her literal first BIRTHDAY!
She’s excited to become the newest addition to the cousin crew, and she will be up and running before we are even all ready.
Love growing families!

Our 4th!

The 4th of July has been one of my favorite holidays. What it stands for, the time with family and truly happy celebrating!
Many years we head the the family beach house. But this year the celebration was much closer, here in our own town. Our friends bought a house just a few homes away from us. Walking distance.
The day was kids in the sprinkler and blown up pool and slide, outdoor games, potluck BBQ, and then home by 9 to ensure our dog and the one we were watching were “ok” with all the celebration with fireworks! And they did great!
I hope all of you had the best time celebrating!
Happy 4th!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Zack and Kari

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Zack and Kari