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Our Story

We met in the fall of 2005 at a museum opening in San Francisco. Our friends had been working behind the scenes to get the two of us to meet and unknown to us, this was the night! Charlie's band was playing that night and we immediately hit it off. Fast forward a year, and we were engaged!

Because Charlie's work visa expired (he's from England), we spent a lot of our engagement long distance, including a few trips to meet in Toronto and England in between!

Since we were married in 2007, our lives have been full of travel, delicious food and lots of home projects. We love exploring new areas close by including Lake Tahoe, camping in the big redwoods of Calaveras County and driving down the coast to LA. Recently we've been pushing our travel journey's even further including Hong Kong, Mexico and Thailand and love exploring new places together.

We truly value our family, friends and each other and are looking forward to opening our hearts to a new member of our family.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We recently moved to a new house in Lafayette, California. Lafayette is about 30 minutes outside of San Francisco and is known for being peaceful oasis outside of the bustling city. We are in the top 15 school districts for all of California and our new house is right down the street from our local preschool and kindergarten! We moved here for the magical hills, low crime rate while also remaining close to our family.

We moved into our house at the beginning of 2019 and it is safe to say this is our dream house and we look forward to being here for a long long time.

About Charlie (in Danielle's words)

adoptive family photo - Charlie (in Danielle's words) I (Danielle) fell for Charlie almost the second I met him, his smile and laugh and openness were just infectious. I’ve learned so much from him, whether it be his vast knowledge of history, music, even random bird facts.

He is always learning and in turn, enables me to always learn as well. I know I can always count on Charlie to be there for me when I need him most, to bring a smile to my face when I’m having a bad day and most importantly, to let me watch my favorite shows without giving me too much grief.

I can’t wait to see him share his love and enthusiasm for life with our child, he will make the most amazing Dad just like he has been such an amazing husband.

About Danielle (In Charlie's Words)

adoptive family photo - Danielle (In Charlie's Words) From the first time that I met her to present day, she has been a constant source of surprise and joy. Her sense of humor is incomparable, she always has a smile on her face and has always been there when life takes a turn. She is an amazing cook and we spend many hours together in the kitchen. Like many things in our life, this is truly a team effort. Any disagreements we might have, are resolved in no time, something that is to my mind, one of the many reasons why our relationship has evolved and been as successful as it has.Danielle more than anything, yearns to be a mom, I can’t think of anyone who I’ve ever met who is cut out to be caring, nurturing, loving parent. She is the most compassionate, sensitive and hardworking person I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Charlie & Danielle

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Charlie & Danielle