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Our Story

We are Trevor and Amelia. We have been married for 9 wonderful years and continue to love every minute of it! We love spending time together simply enjoying one another's company. It doesn't really matter what we are doing, but some of the fun activities we like to do together include cooking yummy dinners, taking walks or going for runs together around our neighborhood, hiking at the various parks around town and being outdoors in general. We really enjoy hosting friends and family that come to visit us and planning fun activities to enjoy together and cooking meals for everyone.

We are passionate about family! We looked forward to becoming parents and raising children since the day we were married 9 years ago. We feel blessed to have built a strong marriage filled with love, joy, compassion, and adventure. We are both loving every minute of inviting our kids into our daily life activities and teaching them how to love others and enjoy life. We also really enjoy nurturing each of our children's unique gifts and watching them blossom into the person they each will become under our care. We view parenthood as a complete joy and privilege!

Caleb, our firstborn son, came into our family through the gift of adoption. He is a talkative, social, and energetic two-year old. He enjoys reading books, singing songs, playing musical instruments, running fast, and playing outside whenever he can! We treasure the joy he brings to our family every minute of the day. Caleb is already such a caring and interactive big brother. He always invites Ezra into his play and truly enjoys his brother's company. We look forward to watching him enjoy a new sibling!

Ezra is our second-born, biological son. He is a silly, helpful, talkative two-year old. He enjoys playing with all kinds of balls, playing pretend, helping in the kitchen whenever he can, and playing with Caleb! We love his curiosity and are thankful for the fun he brings to us. Ezra already loves to help "care" for all of us! We cannot wait to see how his caring nature grows even more with the addition of a new sibling to help with.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in the urban suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. Our home is in a neighborhood we love, filled with many families with children. One of the things we love most about our home is the yard! We love interacting with the neighbors in our front yard, and our fenced-in backyard allows for lots of running, swinging, water play, and much more! We are a close walk to a few neighborhood parks and around the block from the local elementary school. We are so thankful for our home. We seek to make our home a place of warmth, peace, natural beauty, and fun!

We make it a priority to invite people into our home, and our families are always the first to volunteer to come spend time with us! Trevor's siblings (with cousins galore) live nearby and his parents travel down to stay with us every month for a long weekend. Amelia's family lives only a few short hours away, and her parents come to play and visit twice a month. Our kids absolutely love every minute of their time with extended family and we are so very thankful that each member of our family celebrates adoption and is excited for our family to grow again through this way.

About Trevor

adoptive family photo - Trevor Written by Amelia

"I truly admire Trevor's selflessness and gentleness in every interaction he has with me and with our children. His faith in Christ drives who he is and because of this, he has become such a strong leader for our family! He pursues me daily in our marriage and I enjoy spending every moment I can with him.

Nothing has made me happier than watching Trevor become Dad to our children. He loves them unconditionally and truly desires the best for them as individuals and members of our family.

Trevor is a physician who works with adults in the hospital setting. He enjoys interacting with patients, listening to their needs, and determining the best plan to help them. Trevor considers it a calling to serve patients in their time of need."

About Amelia

adoptive family photo - Amelia Written by Trevor

"In a word, Amelia's interaction with our children is beautiful. To see her play, teach, and care for our children is to see my wife in her most natural state. Interacting with children is when she is most vibrant and alive. Amelia has a great heart for nurturing children and allowing them to flourish. She creates a supportive environment in which a child can grow and learn, but she also puts structure and boundaries in place to provide a framework to build rules upon.

I love Amelia's spunk. When I say spunk, I mean that she has great passion for life. This passion means that there is never a dull moment with her and everyday feels like an adventure.

Amelia currently stays at home with our 2 children most of the time and loves every minute of it. Amelia also owns her own business as a Speech Therapist, but only practices about 2-4 hours each week serving patients in the community. Seeing her come home energized from helping a patient is a blessing, and only adds to her energy in mothering our children."

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Trevor & Amelia

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