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Trevor & Amelia
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We are a transracial family of four and are overjoyed to be adopting again! We love this baby so much already.

Dear Loved One,

We want you to know that we love you and your baby already! We have been praying for both of you unceasingly. We want to thank you for valuing the life inside of you and for your courage in choosing adoption.

We absolutely love being parents and we never take one day for granted. Just as in the adoption of our first son, we couldn't be more sure that God is calling us to grow our family through adoption again! We are so looking forward to the pleasure of raising this child. This baby will be loved and celebrated by not only the two of us all of our lives, but also by 2 proud big brothers as well as our whole extended family. This baby's homecoming will be a celebration that reflects the great joy in our hearts as we continue growing our family.

We are continuing to pray that God will work in mighty ways through the beauty of this adoption process. We love you and are deeply grateful for the love you have for this child.

Trevor & Amelia

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Who We Are

We are Trevor and Amelia. We have been married for 9 wonderful years and continue to love every minute of it! We love spending time together simply enjoying one another's company. It doesn't really matter what we are doing, but some of the fun activities we like to do together include cooking yummy dinners, taking walks or going for runs together around our neighborhood, hiking at the various parks around town and being outdoors in general. We really enjoy hosting friends and family that come to visit us and planning fun activities to enjoy together and cooking meals for everyone.

We are passionate about family! We looked forward to becoming parents and raising children since the day we were married 9 years ago. We feel blessed to have built a strong marriage filled with love, joy, compassion, and adventure. We are both loving every minute of inviting our kids into our daily life activities and teaching them how to love others and enjoy life. We also really enjoy nurturing each of our children's unique gifts and watching them blossom into the person they each will become under our care. We view parenthood as a complete joy and privilege!

Caleb, our firstborn son, came into our family through the gift of adoption. He is a talkative, social, and energetic two-year old. He enjoys reading books, singing songs, playing musical instruments, running fast, and playing outside whenever he can! We treasure the joy he brings to our family every minute of the day. Caleb is already such a caring and interactive big brother. He always invites Ezra into his play and truly enjoys his brother's company. We look forward to watching him enjoy a new sibling!

Ezra is our second-born, biological son. He is a silly, helpful, talkative two-year old. He enjoys playing with all kinds of balls, playing pretend, helping in the kitchen whenever he can, and playing with Caleb! We love his curiosity and are thankful for the fun he brings to us. Ezra already loves to help "care" for all of us! We cannot wait to see how his caring nature grows even more with the addition of a new sibling to help with.

Adoption Diary

Homemade popcorn is the best

Trevor makes delicious homemade popcorn and the boys LOVE being a part of the process and enjoying the goodies afterward!

Saturday out to lunch

We really enjoy restaurants that have outdoor seating and we took advantage of it today. Everyone enjoyed themselves!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Trevor & Amelia

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Trevor & Amelia