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Eric and Mike - Please Call or Text Anytime: 646-286-2596

Happy couple looking forward to a life of family travels, Disney ears, packed lunches, love and laughter.


Thank you for taking time to get to know our family. With great respect we welcome you.

From the time we met, we've wanted children. After 16 years of building a wonderful life together, we are ready to share our travels, hiking adventures, roller coaster rides and movie nights.

We hope that by sharing our life here, you will see the love and laughter we share, our amazing family and friends, and know that we have endless love and opportunities to give to the children we hope to welcome. We are ready with open arms!

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Who We Are

Our story began in 2003 while spending a night on the town. Eric just moved and was being shown his neighborhood. I was talking to a friend, who happened to know Eric’s roommate. We were immediately smitten.

Our first date was to my best friend’s birthday party. Eric met my closest friends from college, which took some bravery!

On our second date we learned more about each other over dinner. We discovered that we share many interests and life goals. Family is extremely important to both of us. This was the first time we shared our dreams of starting a family.

We married in Laguna Beach, surrounded by family and friends. Our relationship is filled with love, trust, laughter and adventure.

As a couple, we enjoy traveling. We spend summers seeking new adventures and seeing the world. We love hiking, camping, and spending time with our nieces and nephews. We can be homebodies too. Quality time together at home is wonderful too. We are excited to share these experiences with our future children.

We know we will be amazing parents. We are excited to share the good values instilled in us by our own families. We have a lot of love in this home to share.

Adoption Diary

Halloween Shenanigans

WE LOVE HALLOWEEN. Eric and I both grew up having Halloween fun with our families. My mom always made intricate costumes for me. Eric’s parents bought him the classic store costumes. It’s funny, but growing up I wanted the store costumes, but now see how beautiful the ones my mom made actually were.
The weekend before Halloween, we had a pumpkin carving party in our backyard for the kids in the building. Eric made Zombie Punch for the kids to drink while they painted and carved pumpkins. It was super fun!
I’m a teacher, so we celebrate Character Day at school on Halloween. I dressed up as the Wizard of Oz and shared with my second graders one of my favorite pop-up books, which is the Wizard of Oz. I also bought them all mini flashlights. We read out loud the book Creepy Pair of Underpants by flashlight in a dark classroom, followed by Spooky Independent Reading Time. Don’t worry, it wasn’t all work for them. I also got the kids cupcakes, cookies and juice and had party at the end of the day.
Meanwhile, up in the air, Eric was carving a pumpkin for his crew and passengers on his airplane, using only things he was allowed to bring on the plane! 
Later at home, Eric and I dressed up in our disco gear to hand out candy to all the ghouls, goblins and super heroes in our neighborhood. I was very proud of my purple paisley corduroy bell bottom jeans. Eric was proud of his curly wig.
Eventually the rest of our neighbors joined us on our stoop for the fun.

The Stars at Night, Shine BIG AND BRIGHT!

First, I’d like to apologize. We haven’t been keeping up with our adoption diary lately. What can I say? We’ve been busy living life and keep forgetting writing about it.
The other week, Eric and I got to do a mini trip to San Antonio, Texas. You see, I’ve had a bit or cabin fever. Our dog has gotten older, so we haven’t been able to travel much. Our old boy is just too old to ride in the car for road trips. Also, he has gotten picky about who is taking care of him, which makes finding a dog sitter a bit tricky.
However, our good friend Jessica was getting married. She has been living in Japan with her husband, who is in the Navy. They were having a ceremony in Texas for family who couldn’t come to the one they had in Hawai’i.
Eric’s family has some roots in Texas. His father lives outside of San Antonio. So, this was an opportunity to not only celebrate our friend’s but to also make an overdue visit to see family.
The wedding was beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was in the country on a ranch so the stars of Texas were shining big and bright!
We had a great time at the wedding and even tried some line dancing! (tried is a great way to put our attempts)
We also had time to visit the River Walk and Alamo.
On Sunday we visited Eric’s father, who is the smartest man in the world. He enjoyed telling me ALL of the history of the area over pancakes. Something I imagine he will be doing for our kids someday.
All in all, It was a great long weekend away from New York City. Family is everything and I’m so happy to have spent the weekend the way we did.

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Eric and Mike - Please Call or Text Anytime: 646-286-2596

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Eric and Mike - Please Call or Text Anytime: 646-286-2596