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Eric and Mike


Eric and Mike
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We are a strong, fun loving, kind couple ready to bring extra love and laughter into our home.

We are truly honored, and would like to thank you for taking time to get to know our family. With great respect we welcome you.

From the time we met, we've always wanted children. It wasn't our time before, but it is our time now. We are excited to finally begin the adoption journey.

It is our hope that by sharing our life, you will see the love that we have for each other, the laughter we share, our amazing family and friends, and know that we have endless love and opportunities to give to our future adoptive children. We are ready with open arms.

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Who We Are

We take each other’s best qualities and let them shine. This is what we love about our relationship.

We met in 2003 while spending a night on the town. Eric just moved and was being shown his neighborhood. I was talking to a friend, who happened to know Eric’s roommate. We were immediately smitten.

Our first date was to my best friend’s birthday party. Eric met my closest friends from college, which took some bravery!

Our second date was just the two of us. We learned more about each other over dinner and drinks. We discovered that we shared many interests and had similar life goals. Family is extremely important to both of us. This was the first time we shared our dreams of starting a family. This commonality drew us closer and we’ve been happily together ever since.

We married in Laguna Beach, surrounded by family and our closest friends. Our relationship is still filled with love, trust, laughter and adventure.

We enjoy traveling. We spend summers seeking new adventures. We are lucky to have the ability to see the world and have new experiences. We also enjoy hiking, camping, and spending time with our nieces and nephews. Most of all, we enjoy spending quality time together at home. We are excited to share these experiences with our future children.

After spending over 15 years together, we have a good understanding of why our relationship works. It takes more than sharing similar interests. We value each other. We love and support one another to make each other’s best qualities shine. We know we can trust and rely on one another, even when times are rough.

We know we will be amazing parents. We are excited to share the good values instilled in us by our own families. We have a lot of love in this home to share.

Adoption Diary

Origami Dragon

One of my students has had a hard time at life lately. He loves folding origami dragons, cranes, etc. So, I thought I would brighten his day by making him a purple origami dragon. It took me a while to get it right too! He hasn’t put down the dragon since I gave it to him. He keeps it near him at all times. He has been carrying the dragon with him now for two months. Anyway, it’s amazing how little gestures can really affect a child.

Parent Teacher Conferences

As a teacher, whenever I hear the phrase “Beware the Ides of March” I think of Parent Teacher conferences. It’s a long 12+ hour day on Parent Teacher Conference day. I have a large class this year of 31 students, which leaves limited time to meet with each family. Being in the adoption process made me more sensitive to this fact, and I want to take special care while speaking to each family, but only had 10-15 minutes of time for each of them. That’s difficult because there is so much to say! Many families end up focusing on negatives, and I became hyper aware of this. I spent my time constantly pointing out positives, building my students up, not tear them down.
One of my student’s living situation came up during their conference. They are one of three newly immigrated families sharing a tiny two-bedroom apartment. Two of the families make their living space in the bedrooms, and one family lives in the living room. In total, there are 11 people living in the small apartment! I’ve known students with similar arrangements over the years. However, what struck me was their positive outlook on their new life in the USA. Her father described their living situation, but my wonderful student pointed out the many ways their family is blessed. This conversation has been sticking in my mind all day. It’s so important to support our neighbors in our community. We all work hard and we all want the best for the children around us.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Eric and Mike

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Eric and Mike