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Bryan and Breanne


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Our Story

We met when Bre (Breanne) was a senior in high school through a mutual friend. At the time we were both dating other people, however throughout the summer we found ourselves both single and starting to develop our friendship. Bre left for college in the fall, but we continued dating. After being apart for a year, we decided it was too difficult and enrolled in the same college. We have been together ever since! It's not the romantic or glamorous story one dreams of, but a true story of how love grows over time in your heart.

We've always wanted a big family. Even before we were married, we talked about having four kids. After our journey with infertility, it became apparent that four kids may not be written in our story. Once we decided to not have more kids biologically, we began exploring adoption. We've witnessed the beauty of adoption through a close friend's journey. Her experience opened our eyes to a wonderful avenue of having a larger family, and we have jumped feet first into adoption ever since.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a quiet community north of Ann Arbor and west of Detroit. Our community has all the conveniences of a large city with the feel of a small town. We frequent our local farmers market, playground and the many festivals that are held locally. Our subdivision sits out in the country off a dirt road. We are fortunate to have great neighbors that mostly have younger children. We enjoy evening walks and bike rides around the neighborhood. We also have a large yard where we love to sled in the winter or play ball in the summer. One of our favorite parts of our home is the wonderful deck off the back where we often entertain friends while the kids play and enjoy a bonfire.

Fun Fact: We regularly have hot air balloons land in our subdivision! IT is great as the kids run to where it lands and will get a tethered ride up.

About Bryan

adoptive family photo - Bryan Hi! I'm Bryan.

I am a Chirst follower, husband, and family man who has a passion for all things outdoors and sports. There is nothing more freeing than riding my four wheeler through a wide open field or deep in the woods that makes me feel connected to God. I believe in hard work and intense fun. I am always on the move finding my next adventure, whether it be outdoor sports, cycling, or tennis.

I love interacting with people and have an intense heart for the word of disability. I hope to bring adaptive opportunities to those who might not otherwise have an outlet. I coach archery, tennis, cycling, and lead a support group for the adaptive community.

While I have a love of people, my greatest love is my family and spending time with them. Sundays are special when we all go to church together and then spend time grabbing lunch.

About Breanne

adoptive family photo - Breanne Hi! I'm Breanne.

I am a true northern Michigan county girl at heart! I love having four seasons, although winters can be long. There is nothing that sings to my soul like a wide-open fresh water lake, or a country trail through the woods. I love to spend my summer days starting with a run through farmland or a wooded trail, and then quietly read a book by the lake, tube behind a boat, or swim with family. I am what most would call an old soul and love to have quiet adventure. I enjoy cozying up on the weekend with family, playing games, or going on bike rides. I never miss an opportunity to watch a sunset and take in the wonders and beauty of what's around us. I have a close group of friends and I am fiercely loyal to them. I believe it takes a tribe to make it through the challenges of the world and am always willing to step up and help my tribe. My friends would describe me as positive, optimistic and easygoing.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Bryan and Breanne

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Bryan and Breanne