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Dear birthmom, I want to write to let you know about our support.  You see the pictures of the happy moments, but of course like any other humans there are not so good moments when you just need a lot of help and support.  Your child would have that support in our family for sure!  You’ve probably heard the saying “It takes a village”.  That expression has been very true with us the past week!!!! We have all been sick but thankfully Ben’s job is so generous in sick and vacation days he doesn’t have to worry.  My mom and dad, who live 10 minutes from us, have been so helpful and made us dinner each night.  Our church family has been texting encouraging words and praying for us.  We attend the same church as our pediatrician, and his daughter babysits for us- we couldn’t be more thankful!!

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We have been praying for you, and we want to share with you about our family!!

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Ben & Katie-Lynn