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From one mother to another

You will always be your child’s first mother. You have made the bravest decision to give life and carry your child despite your circumstances.  If given the opportunity to bring up your child in our home, your brave choice will always be known to your child. Your child will be shown what it means to sacrifice for those you love by your example.  Our family will completely embrace your child as an irreplaceable member of our family just like we have done with our son that I did not birth. I will forget that I did not birth your child because our love will be amazingly strong- I know this from experience with our son.  Your child will have the continuous love and warmth of our large family.  Your courage, wisdom, and love will be passed down to your child in our home.

About This Diary

We have been praying for you, and we want to share with you about our family!!

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Ben & Katie-Lynn

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Ben & Katie-Lynn