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Frank & Arlene


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Our Story

We have known each other through mutual friends since 1997 however never dated. In 2011 we got reacquainted fell in love instantly and we were married in March of 2012. Since then we have traveled to many places, opened 2 successful women's clothing stores, purchase our home and now with your help, begin our family!. We can't wait to share our love with a child.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live on a very quiet street, with lots of grass and space to run around. So many families on our block have kids in various ages which makes it easy to just go outside and play. Our home has 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms (picture shown will be the baby's room). Lots of space inside to play and enjoy.

About Frank

I am a fun loving person. I am patient and thoughtful. I was raised to respect and love the people around me. I have an easy going personality. My wife and I are great team because we both love each other very much and we communicate very well with each other. When we get together with our friends and their children, I am their uncle Frank and Arlene is there Titi we both melt when they call us this. I grew up playing soccer, basketball, baseball team sports but when I got into high school I focused my time on music. I hope to share my childhood experiences with a child someday. I have a masters degree in Finance and International Business. I work in NJ for a company that is flexible with work from home options. I hope to give our child a chance to excel in what they love to do and I promise to support and nurture them to help fulfill their goals in life, whatever they may be.

About Arlene

Frank and I call our selves the dynamic duo we are a strong couple that love each other very much. We cook together and we keep a clean home, we divide and conquer. We really are a great team and help each other out. Frank is always there when I need him and I am always there when he needs me. Frank always encourages me to grow and I do the same for him.
We both have a love of exploring new places and vacations. On Sunday’s we like to go either to the beach, NYC, Pennsylvania, a park wherever we can be outside. I grew up going to Portugal in the summers we also went to different beaches or to Wildwood here in NJ. Frank pretty much grew up the same going to Italy. As a child and early adolescent I took ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics and piano lessons. I still love ballet and listening to the piano till this day but I also love the guitar and the drums. Music has been and is a big part of our lives. I grew up speaking Portuguese, Spanish and English, I was raised to be strong, independent, honest and a loving person. I believe in doing the right thing and in fairness. Frank and I are great with children somehow they gravitate towards us. I am the child whisperer with this song that I sing whenever a baby cries it seems to sooth them. I have been singing this song since my nieces and nephew were little. Frank is so patient and so amazing with our friends children and I can't wait for him to be like that with a child we adopt. I own 2 women’s boutiques and love what I do. I am fortunate to have a wonderful staff and I have a flexible schedule. Frank and I have so much love for each other and want to be able to share our upbringing experiences and our love and our life with a child.

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Frank & Arlene

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Frank & Arlene