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Dear Expectant Mom,

As we write this letter, we are especially grateful to you for considering adoption and for looking at us as potential parents for your child. As parents of two precious boys, we understand the enormous responsibility and privilege you would be giving to us.

We are blessed with the good fortune of a comfortable income and a wonderful home. Our family saying that we try to live by and instill in our children is, “Live Simple, Remain Grateful”. It is important to us that our children be raised to treasure relationships more than belongings, choose hard work over hand-outs, and express gratitude rather than entitlement.

We are so excited to welcome a third child into our home, and we believe his or her life will be greatly enriched by two older brothers. In addition to our two children, our future child will have a large, close-knit extended family, including five cousins within a few years of age. We are excited to share Jason’s African American heritage with an African American or biracial child just as we look forward to further connecting our biological children with their own African American ancestry. We hope to learn about your family traditions that may be incorporated into our family for years to come as well.

We value and look forward to a warm and open relationship with you and would love for you to be a natural extension of our family. If we are blessed to raise your child as our own, we want you to be able to have an important role in his or her life. We hope to remain connected to you through three visits annually – one in your home town, one in our home town, and one in between – if you are located in our home state, and at least one visit annually – rotating location – if you are located elsewhere. We would also send pictures to you monthly through the first year and quarterly after that so you don’t miss out on any precious milestones. We’d love to regularly share photos and videos electronically as well through a Google or Amazon photo sharing account so you can see what we’re up to. We want to know what your dreams are for this child, and we promise we will work to make those dreams come true and do our very best to raise a child we are all so very proud of.

In gratitude,
Jason and Krista

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We always knew we wanted several children close in age so that they could grow up together. After our first son was born we quickly tried for number two, and after having our second son, we both agreed that our family was not yet complete. We began considering adoption when our second son's newborn screen indicated a possible genetic condition. Further testing revealed that our little guy is perfectly healthy, but the idea of growing our family through adoption had imprinted itself in our hearts and minds. Jason is biracial, and adoption provides a wonderful opportunity to share Jason’s African American heritage with an African American or biracial child. We welcome this possibility, just as we look forward to further connecting our biological children with their own African American ancestry. Modern families are formed in all sorts of ways, and we can't wait to enrich our family with the addition of a new little one and, hopefully, a birth family too!

We are both biomedical engineers, and we love that our jobs allow us to design medical devices to improve the lives of others. Our jobs are also very flexible, enabling us to stay home if one of our kids is sick, attend doctors' visits together, and lead a family-focused lifestyle. We enjoy getting outside with our kids and observing the world through our children's eyes as they experience the zoo, the circus, the splash park, breakfast with Santa, and any other local event. Krista enjoys reading and is in a book club with her girl friends. Jason plays basketball in an adult league. Our oldest son participates in various organized activities including mommy and me dance, gymnastics, and swimming. We are social and like to be out and about, but we also treasure our time at home to just goof around as a family.

We are passionate about racial awareness, diversity, and inclusion. We would cherish the opportunity to share Jason’s African American heritage with an African American or biracial child, just as we look forward to further connecting our biological children with their own African American ancestry. Jason never knew his mother's family because they disowned her for marrying a black man. This instilled in him a strong desire to eliminate racial profiling and unconscious bias. As a woman working in a male dominated industry, Krista is also acutely aware of and has been affected by discriminatory behavior. We feel strongly that our children will be raised to acknowledge and embrace differences between people of different races, genders, and socioeconomic status. Locally, Krista participates as a committee chair of an Employee Resource Group within her company to advocate and provide resources for parents and caregivers in an effort to ensure working mothers and fathers have the support they need to be successful at work and, more importantly, at home. Abroad, we financially and prayerfully support a mission in the Dominican Republic, which is aimed at enabling women to secure dignified employment by teaching trade skills and providing small business loans. In addition to these activities, we are conscious of the example we set for our children in our interactions with others, and we seek opportunities to teach them that we all have different gifts and talents. It is these differences that make us all special.

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Words Matter

Words are so important in how we convey our thoughts and feelings. As a society, we sometimes tend to place labels on certain groups or individuals, and this happens most often when we don’t fully understand that group or individual. Through our adoption journey so far, we have found that the language society would have us use to talk about adoption can be hurtful and misplaced. The article linked below does a great job of summarizing this and suggesting appropriate language to replace negative or misguided words and phrases. Take a look!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Krista & Jason

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