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Becoming adoptive parents will be the greatest journey we'll ever undertake.

To The Amazing Person Who Could Change Our Lives,

We're very grateful for you, and for the time you're taking to be here. Whatever happens, we wish you and your child the very best of everything in the future.

We're Susi and Corey, and we’ve been so very lucky, in our marriage, in our friends and family, in our work and our lives. We've been even luckier that we've been able to live a global life.

If we also get lucky enough to raise a brand new tiny person, we'd do everything in our power to give them the best and most creative start in life. We'd be proud to give them two great countries to call their own (we’re Australian-Americans), and to show them the world.

We can’t wait to discover who they are, to support them while they become the best version of themselves, and to teach them everything we know about living a good life. We can't wait to start loving them forever.

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Who We Are

We've been married for 20 years and there are still fireworks (at least, on the 4th of July).

We met the old-fashioned way, offline, at work, when we were 21. Once we worked out we'd found our life partners, we got on with with life's other adventures, which for us meant living and working around the world.

We eloped in Singapore, threw a wedding party in Melbourne, Australia, and, between us or together, have lived everywhere from Hong Kong, to New Zealand to California to a small tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

We definitely took the scenic route to New York City, but it was always our destination and we sometimes still can't believe that we get to live here. As we're a mix of cultures and races, and immigrants several times over, this is the city where we feel right at home.

(Susi has Indian, Sri Lankan and Chinese parentage and Corey is of Scottish and French stock. We're both culturally Australian and have lived in NYC for over a decade.)

We're lucky enough to be able to do the kind of work we want to, and experienced enough to be able to be flexible with our work. Susi works almost entirely from home and Corey is reshaping his work life so that he can work remotely a lot of the time too.

We plan to do some extended traveling in the next few years, before the baby starts school. We're daydreaming about it now, a month in Spain or Italy, a couple of months in Hawaii or Australia, or in the English or French countryside, working and living and playing wherever we are. We'd love to give a child the great gift of experiencing other places, people, cultures and food while they're very young, so they'll grow up with the whole world. And, of course, they'll experience all of that in New York City, too, as the world is here.

Obviously, travel is big for us (life is a journey, after all). Food, too, is a way we travel and discover other cultures without going anywhere. We cook like crazy, and entertain a lot.

We enjoy most everything else too, reading, movies, shows, art, museums, music, yoga and physical activities, our hobbies and crafts, long walks, going upstate to the country, and spending as much time as we can with the people we love. We also try to enjoy all the little things that make up everyday life (e.g. even going to the supermarket is a fun adventure with our twin toddler goddaughters in tow).

We are lucky. We love our lives, we love our work, we love our people, we love being Australian, we love being American, we love all the other cultures that are now also a part of us.

None of that would mean anything if there wasn't someone to share it with, and while we've been lucky enough to have each other throughout, we'd also love to share it all with a child, everything we've seen, everything we've tasted, every discovery we've made, and a whole world of fun and opportunity.

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Adoption Diary

Wanted: Tiny Roommate to Share Brooklyn Apt ... Rent-free for first 18 years ...

Tiny roommate to share lovely garden apartment in Brooklyn, with Australian-American couple. Rent-free for first 18 years.
Room is fully-furnished with garden view, AC, and private bathroom—but no privacy until ability to bathe without drowning is demonstrated. Toys, books, room service, transport, education, and health care included.
Applicant must be small enough to fit comfortably in crib and teeny-tiny clothing (provided). Droolers okay. Lack of teeth, hair, and toilet-training also okay.
All meals provided. Food will be good, in fact it will be the food your mom made. Cookies and cakes are baked on premises, birthdays and holidays are celebrated, and excursions to pools, carousels, parks, playgrounds, stores, museums, shows, movies, restaurants, etc., are also included with the room.
Friends, little buddies, big buddies, grandparents, cousins, aunties, uncles, mentors, and godparents are all provided free of charge.
Also included: trips to see the world, especially Australia, Hawaii, Spain, France, Italy, Thailand, and the English countryside—to start with.
For our part, we’ll try to be fair and reasonable and will really listen to you—once you learn to speak. We will find out who you are, help you to be yourself, and teach you everything we know about living a good life.
We won’t let you do things that make us dislike you, or let you act in ways that are damaging to yourself or others, but we’ll always, always love you. Your talents will be encouraged, your potential explored, and support and bear hugs will constantly be available.
In return, you won’t be able to live without us, at least for the first 12 years. Then you’ll become a teenager, and find that everything we say and do is embarrassing. You’ll wish that other people—preferably famous movie stars—had adopted you but, thanks to your sound upbringing and good education, you’ll know that the kids of movie stars don’t always turn out well.
One day, when you’re a successful, happy, independent adult, you’ll know it’s because you had a childhood of plenty (though not enough to spoil you), that you were deeply loved and believed in, and you’ll be kinda glad that you stuck with us through puberty.
If this sounds good to you, we hope to meet you soon and start loving you forever.
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Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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Corey & Susi