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Melissa A.

Cheerful, loving woman looking to complete her family

I admire your courage and love for considering adoption as an option for your child. I know this has to be a difficult decision for you to make. I am fully aware of the significance of the gift you are giving and I would be extremely honored and grateful to be chosen to raise your child.

I had a loving and caring childhood. I want to be able to share the same experiences with a child. My family is excited at the prospect of my plans to adopt and look forward to welcoming and getting to know and love this special child.

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I have always wanted to be a mother and believe I will make a great one.
I had a happy, loving and caring childhood with a close-knit family that has provided many fond memories. I credit my love of lobster to summer visits at the seashore and can remember my parents attending all my dance recitals. They also came to root me on during my softball and soccer games. In addition to school, camps, and horseback riding, we took several trips to multiple states while finding time to visit family and culturally enriching activities like Broadway shows. As my cousins and I grew up the family continued to encourage education and travel. These trips included national parks, the Caribbean, Disney parks and Canada. Family, travel, and educational activities still hold a special place in my heart. They have continued to stay with me long past college.
After achieving my bachelor’s degree and moving to the Washington DC suburbs, I have continued to nourish my love of activities and family. Besides my career, I have made many friends that share the enjoyment of traveling, barbecuing, socializing, attending movies, participating in community events, going to concerts and volunteering. Most recently we finished using our season passes to a local theater and visited Iceland to see the Northern Lights. Later this year, we are looking forward to lawn games, playing with my poodle, and potluck barbecues in the backyard.
I want to be able to give the same warm childhood to another. My family can’t wait to help create loving memories with the child I adopt. We look forward to welcoming and getting to know this special child, who will be loved. Should you decide to place your baby with me, you will always be in my heart while I make your baby the center of my life. I will love and support your child while serving as a constant, reliable, and loving force to nurture them in this world.

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Enjoying the Bay

This summer has flown by.  I have not spent as much time as I usually do around water this summer, but have been able to go sailing a couple of times.

Summer ‘19

This has been a busy and great summer.  I have enjoyed all the Washington DC has to offer, sailed the Chesapeake Bay, saw a few concerts and saw some Broadway shows.  I have also spent time at my home, fixing up the house and taking care of my flowers and plants.

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Melissa A.

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Melissa A.